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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Terax Hair Care Review

Hi guys! Today I have a different kind of post than normal. I was sent a bunch of samples for Terax Crema Original, Hydrate Leave-In and a bottle of Original +Keratin. I have been on the hunt for "THE' conditioner and this brand ranks up in my top 3! Here is a little info on this new to me brand...

"For nearly 50 years, men and women around the world have enjoyed soft,  shiny and healthy hair thanks to Terax Hair Care’s full line of rinse out and leave in conditioning treatments, including their cult favorite Terax Original Crema Conditioner. A family owned and operated company with an Italian heritage, Terax Hair Care focuses on building healthy hair from the inside out through high quality and innovative hair care formulations."

Before we proceed, I must admit I don't usually do many reviews in terms of hair care products so my photos aren't 100%. So please don't be too critical. I tried as best as I could to show you what I saw while using these products. I hope you enjoy.

Confession time: I don't wash my hair. Yes, you read that right. I do NOT wash my hair...with shampoo that is. I have been co-washing for about 2 years now. If you haven't heard of "co-washing" don't be alarmed, a lot of people haven't. In fact when I tell people I don't use shampoo they think I'm crazy. I got tired of dealing with dry, brittle hair with lots of build up. I have tried a lot of different conditioners, some especially designed for co-washing and others were just plain old conditioners. Some work great, others...not so much. If I can get away with washing my hair only 2 times a week I've found a keeper. Using these two rinse outs I have been able to go almost an entire week without my hair getting greasy/oily! Needless to say I LOVE them!

After washing. No product added, air dried.

 My hair is usually pretty unmanageable, it's naturally wavy but it get's so weird. It will look nice and wavy, even curly sometimes all around my face on the top layers but the back/bottom layers go limp and barely hold wave.This is why my hair usually ends up in a ponytail. After using Terax for the last few weeks I have noticed my hair is much more soft and manageable. It waves up all over now with no product and will hold, which is great because I can touch it and not end up with sticky hands, it has more volume and best of all no frizz. 

They all have a lovely scent that really holds in your hair all week long. I don't know which I prefer more, the original or the keratin, they are pretty neck and neck for me. 

Day 4. Not much wave is left, it's just starting to show a bit of oiliness. Still very soft and manageable.

Now the leave-in: It wasn't really a favorite of mine. I found that it made my hair get too oily too quickly, two days after I washed it was already looking like I had gone a whole week without. Maybe I didn't distribute it evenly enough or maybe I used too much. Either way I don't think I'll be using it anymore. Maybe you could have different results or maybe it's better used if you shampoo your hair, which I wasn't really able to do since I don't actually have shampoo.

Very oily/greasy looking. (Please excuse my dark makeup!)
 Original Crema retails for  $22-$48 for 6.7oz-16oz. Hydrate is $22 for 7oz and Origial + Keratin is $24-$56 for 6.7oz-16oz. Now these prices may seem high for some of you but I can totally justify spending it since I would be using it less often than I would a conditioner I can get at a drugstore. Also all of Terax Hair Care’s products are made in small batches. This gives customers the freshest products free of sulfates, parabens and artificial colors, which can be damaging to your delicate hair. This is great news to me because I always stay away from sulfates and parabens!
Here's  a little more info on each product...

Terax Original Crema Conditioner is a daily conditioner with a high pH that opens the hair cuticles to deliver it's special moisturizing and softening ingredients. This conditioner is ideal for all hair types. It helps in reducing frizziness, improves elasticity and detangles hair. It also eliminates split ends while helping rejuvenating chemically and environmentally damaged hair. 

Terax Original Crema + Keratin "features "SmartKeratinTM technology" that leaves targeted deposits of keratin on only the most damaged area of the hair fiber". This leaves your hair soft, shiny and easy to style without weighing it down. This technology also allows keratin protein to remain in the hair even after rinsing it out unlike other keratin proteins that wash down the drain with rinsing.

Terax Hair Care Leave-in Conditioners have a low pH which work in perfect harmony with Terax’s wash out conditioners to perfectly balance hair and lock the cuticle to save your color. Each leave in conditioner is specially created to help with dry, damaged or frizzy hair and they are all gentle enough for everyday use.

Have you ever tried any of the Terax Hair Care products? If so what are your thoughts and which are your favorites? If yo haven't do you think you may want to give them a try?

You can find these online at these web retailers:

Visit Terax Hair Care online:

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