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Monday, November 18, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Gradient with KKCenterHK Purple Laser Studs

Hello loves, happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was pretty busy so I did my nails on Friday night and didn't change them until this morning. Yep I kept my mani on for more than 24 hours! LOL 

Tyrian Purple...
...a deep purple jelly. Shown as 3 coats no top coat. 
This is much less blue in person than it appears in these first 2 photos,especially the first one. I had an extremely difficult time capturing this correctly! It is a beautiful, deep, rich, squishy purple and really needs to be seen in person to appreciate it fully. It is a bit patchy with the first 2 coats but it evened out nicely with the 3rd. It applies nice and smooth, no flooding at all, the formula is excellent! The VNL isn't apparent at all in person. The lighting in my light box really made it seem like there was a lot, but it was just in the photos, I promise!

...a mix of green, blue, purple and magenta glitters in a clear base. Shown as 1 sponged gradient coat topped with HK Girl. This glittery girl is so beautiful, these glitters sparkle so much I had a hard time taking my eyes off of my nails all weekend! 
You can find both Tyrian Purple & Elderberry at, they retail for $9 each. Speaking from experience, Allison has some of the best customer service, fastest shipping and creates some of the best indie polishes available!

For a final touch I applied a KKCenterHK Square Purple Laser Stud to each nail. These studs really had a nice sparkle to them as well. The laser cut to these give this a kind of holographic rainbow effect. When the light hits them right they flash different colors off of them. They apply just as nicely as any other studs I've used, though if you have more curved nail beds like I do you will probably need to reinforce the studs with a little extra top coat or even apply them using nail glue instead of just a clear coat of polish. I opted for the second coat on top. They stayed on all weekend and I didn't feel like they were going to pop off at all. These would make an excellent accent to any manicure! 

You can find these Purple Laser Studs on KKCenterHK's website by clicking here, the sheet of  decals retail for $4.26.  KKCenterHK has over 100 types of studs to choose from they can all be found directly at this link:

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