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Friday, July 1, 2016

Model City Polish: Summer Collection 2016 (Picture Heavy)

Hi guys! Today I have the Model City Summer Collection to show you. This collection consists of 6 vibrant polishes with holographic pigment and ultra holo glitter of various sizes. I did my best to try and capture all the sparkle and to show you how they all look in different kinds of light. YOU will notice that the holo in some appear more intense than in others, that's mostly because my camera was flipping out over the bright colors and the sparkle. LOL This collection will launch TODAY at 7pm CST. 

These all have wonderful formulas, not to thick but just enough to give them good control during application. They dry down fairly quick and the glitters settle into the polish nicely so there isn't any texture to them at all. I have all 6 shown here as 2 coats topped with Serum No 5 Need For Speed Top Coat. 

Now it's time for swatches...
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