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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Soul Mate's A Rock Star!!!

Today is a very special day. On this day many years ago a little girl was born. This girl grew to be an amazing woman who is generous, compassionate, selfless, intelligent, wise beyond her years. I had the privilege of meeting this young woman only 7 years ago, yet it feels like we have known each other for our entire lives! I've grown to love her more and more everyday. Without her I know i wouldn't be where I am today, I probably wouldn't be at all. My Soul Mate, isn't my husband but my best friend. We have such a deep bond it's like we share the same brain sometimes. Our lives are so much the same it's scary, yet they are so different it amazes me that God put us together! Happy Birthday Rah Rah, soul mates for ever Boo!! This post's for you.

I started this with 2 coats of Sinful Colors Soul Mate.

Soft light indoor

I did this mani at night so I only have natural light pics at the end.

Flash indoor

I really love this color. In the bottle it looks like more of a mauve but it's a very nice kind of bubble gum pink cream polish. Of course when I saw the name I thought of my BFF and had to get it!

Next I applied 2 coats of D&R Apothecary Rock Star.
I really like this polish. I was on Etsy looking for cool polishes and happened to come across this seller. They had a bunch of mini's they were discontinuing to make room for new polishes, I will get around to swatching all of them soon. This was not one of the discontinued colors but I liked the combo of black, white and pink glitters in various sizes and shapes so I ordered a mini to try it out. Next time I will order a full size for sure!

Soft light indoor

Flash indoor

Finally some direct sunlight

I finished this off with a generous coat of SV.

I thought the two worked well together. Plus I really liked the 2 names together because
 my soul mate really is a rock star! <3

You're My Cuppycake!

We celebrated my stepdaughter G's birthday on Sunday. (Yes we really do call her G)
We had a swimming party with a pinata, BBQ and homemade rainbow cupcakes!

I was in such a birthday spirit I decided to try out cupcake nails!
(Please excuse the poorly lit pictures, It was late when I started painting)

That's 2 coats of Sinful Colors Unicorn.

Then I added 2 coats of Nail Pattern Boldness Mrs. White smoothing it out with NPB Glitter Food.
I think it looks like "Funfetti" cake batter!

On my pinkie using SC Easy Going & Cream Pink for the base of my cupcake

On my middle finger I used SC Mint Apple & Envy

Then I topped them both with SC Snow Me White

Topping them both off with a little star and green and pink dots.

I finished them all off with SH Mega Shine

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lost My Marbles...Giveaway info

I was at the mall a few days ago with my hubby and my stepdaughter. They went to Justice, there is something about that store that just gives me a headache so I sat on a bench and waited for them. When they came out they handed me a bottle of polish, a self marbling polish in red, white and blue.
I have been wondering for a while if they actually looked marbled once applied so I was thrilled they got it for me! I finally got around to testing it out tonight. I am now less than thrilled at the results.

Please excuse the poor picture quality, the sun had already set and my house had no bright light so flash, flash, flash it was!

As you can see it doesn't really look marbled.

It's more of a streak effect.

On the plus side, if I shake the bottle up it will make a very nice purple color!

And now i would like to tell everyone about a giveaway a fellow blogger is having.
It's from Glitter Obsession, and it;s for 5 brand new China Glaze OMG polishes.
Click the link to go to the giveaway!
Good luck!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Drug Store Haul Pt 2

Yes, another haul. This time I got 30 bottles!
Again I have to thank God for a very sweet and understanding husband.
He saw my haul and said "More? I'm sure glad I didn't go and get those like I had planned."
Isn't that sweet? He had my "stash" list and was going to go buy all of the colors I didn't have! My sweet, sweet enabler! LOL

Anyway, here is what I got in today's haul...

From left to right...

Rich In Heart, Georgio, Nirvana, Vacation Time
Dancing Nails, All About You, This Is It, Pull Over...

Cloud 9, Clementine, Citrine, Boogie Nights
Gogo Girl, Cross My Heart, Energetic Red...

Forget Now, Easy Going,
You Just Wait, Cream Pink, Dressed To Kill..

Let Me Go, Outrages, Dream On
Fig, Let's Talk, Rain Storm...

Envy, Happy Ending, HD Nails, Innocent.

Well hopefully this will hold me over for a while.
My husband has nicknamed me the Polish Monster. LOL

Keep Calm...Drug Store Haul!

One of my very dear friends upset me so much last night I was almost smoking from the ears! After our conversation I had to blow off some steam so I went to Walgreens to see if i could find a new polish. I get there and what do I find? Sinful Colors on sale for $.99!!! Aaaaaak! I bought 22, yes 22 bottles of polish. O_o

I would have gotten more but I wasn't sure if all of them were on sale because of how they had them marked. Needless to say I will be going back for more!

Left to right:
Out Of This World, Tokyo Pearl, Snow Me White, Unicorn, Let's Meet...

Mint Apple,Nail Junkie, Ocean Side, Savage, Why Not, Love Nails, Blue By You...

Lavender, Purple Diamond...

Soul Mate, 24/7, Thimbleberry, Boom Boom,Oasis, Bikini...

Sugar Sugar, Ruby Ruby

I have to admit I did feel much better after bringing in such a huge haul! Kind of a nail polish high. LOL My hubby just laughed at me when I walked in the door with my big bag of polish and a cheesy grin on my face.
I'm still upset with my friend but no longer fuming, mission accomplished!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Ripple Effect

I'm going to try something a little different in this post.
All of my previous posts were of my finnished mani, but I think I'm going to do my posts from start to finish, from now on. So here it goes...

...I was at Walgreens picking up some cotton balls and noticed that they have a new Wet n' Wild display, Fergie by Wet n' Wild. I picked up 2 bottles, Dutchess and Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Walk of Fame is a jelly with tons of glitter, several colors of star shaped and some small silver bar and a little bit of fine silver bits in there too. Cute in the bottle but it's almost impossible to get more than 3 or 4 stars out at once. :(

Dutchess on the other hand...WOW! I LOVE this polish! It's a clear base jammed packed full of micro fine blue glitter and some hex shaped purple glitter. There is no problem getting the glitter to come out of this bottle!

So since I loved this one so much I decided to use it in my next mani.

I applied 2 coats of Orly Skinny Dip

If I wasn't going to layer this up I would have done a 3rd coat, this is not a thick polish.
I absolutely adore this color!

Next I applied 2 coats of  Dutchess

The Dutchess made the Skinny Dip a tad darker but I love how the two look together.

Then I use Bundle Monster plate BM-19...

...and Orly Dayglow.

It looks like water ripples.

My thumb nail was a little nails are pretty wide and much longer than the plate will allow me to stamp, so i had to stamp each nail twice with the design sideways, and I didn't align my design up right . Oops.

Has anyone else tried any of the Fergie collection by Wet n' Wild? I would love to hear some thoughts on the other polishes in the line.

Nail Pattern Boldness: My First Indie Purchase

This is going to be long post...Sorry!
I have been checking out a lot of nail blogs lately, and one thing they all have in common is their love for Indie label polishes. So of course I needed to check them out. I've become quite obsessed actually! The problem is they are sooooo popular and very limited so they sell FAST! Well it just so happens that I managed to catch a limited restock for Nail Pattern Boldness...OK, OK! I was kinda STALKING her  Blog and her Facebook Page. LOL
Aaaaaanyway, I managed to snag a few bottles.

I did a few swatches first...

This is a bottle JAM PACKED full of fine glitters.
Mostly matte white, with some yellow, green, blue, red and even a little purple.
I'm 100% positive that this would look Aaaaaamazing in direct sunlight pix. I unfortunately didn't capture any...I will next time though.

1. 3 coats of NPB Mrs.White
2. 1 coat L'Oreal VIP Status and 2 coats NPB Mrs.White
3.1 coat Pure Ice White On and 2 coats NPB Mrs.White

Now, this polish can be pulled off as a "full coverage" polish BUT you have to let it dry completely between coats or it will clump and end up looking ragged like my #1 nail does (I'm impatient)
I actually like the solo look the best. Next time I will let it dry properly to wear it this way.
My second favorite is #3. It adds a subtle glitter look since most of the glitter is looked much better in person than in this picture.
I like #2 but it's not my fave. I need to work on what darker color this would look fabulous on because the VIP didn't do it for me.
What do you think?

Next up: Ninja vs Pirate

That is 2 coats of  N vs P.
It's filled with very chunky black and white matte glitter that look like glass shards.
It, obviously, is meant to be a top coat and not a stand alone polish.

I decided to use this one for my full mani.

I alternated Sinful Colors Midnight Blue and Wet n Wild Red Red.
I then dabbed a bit of Wet n Wild's Spoiled in Daddy's Credit Card...a silver metallic color...with some saran wrap on each nail, to give it a bit of a silver shimmer.

I then added 2 coats of Ninja vs Pirate.

On top of that I added NPB Glitter Food.

This nifty stuff is a two in one polish. It's a top coat that was specially formulated for thirsty glitter polishes, to even them out and keep the finish from being rough or bumpy.
It's also good to, as Allison from NPB says, Fix A Flat...flat glitter polish that is.
For those polishes you have that their base formula couldn't hold up the glitter. There is a better explanation for this process at this link... Fix a Flat.

I used Glitter Food on all but my pinkie nail. I then topped them all with Sally Hansen Mega Shine. (Glitter Food dries to a satin finish, so it is recommended that you add a top coat like my favorites SV or SH Mega Shine to give it a glossy look)
I used 2 coats of the Mega Sine on the pinkie and it was still very bumpy and rough vs the rest of my nails which were relatively smooth. So the Glitter Food was money well spent! 

I am so happy with how this turned out. I am in love with Ninja vs Pirate!
I am so glad I was a stalker! I plan on making another purchase as soon as NPB makes another restock!

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