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Thursday, April 4, 2013

M is for Minion!

Welcome back to another day of the ABC Challenge hosted by the ever so sweet and one of my polish BFF’s Kimber from Kimber’s Lacquer Korner! (Who is also having and AWESOME giveaway right now so go forth and enter away!!! I did and I am keeping my fingers crossed!) I know I’m a day late with my post but my internet went kaput yesterday, I think it’s the modem, so I am now waiting for someone to check the connections/modem. Oh well, gives me an excuse to get out and go to Starbucks and get a Cinnamon Dolce Chiai Tea Latte! YUM! Anyway, I was feeling very uninspired for the letter M. I had thought maybe I’ll just slop some polish on and say here ya go, a Messy Mani, until I started to watch Despicable Me. I have watched that movie about a hundred million times, and every time I tell my husband that I want a Minion! LOL Since he hasn’t delivered on that request I decided to create my own Minions!

For this look I started with M•A•S•H Nail Polish in Banana- This yellow, like most yellow requires multiple coats to ensure full coverage. I used 4, because it was pretty streaky. Of all of the M•A•S•H polishes I‘ve used so far this is my least favorite, not because of the shade or the formula but because of the scent. All of the other scents have either been barely there or smelled like lip gloss or Kool-Aid, this one smells like artificial banana. While this may not be unappealing to some, to me it is. I have an extreme dislike for banana flavored/scented anything, I love bananas just not artificial banana flavor/scent. This one also seems to be one of the strongest scents as well right next to the Cherry.

Next I used M•A•S•H Nail Polish in Fruit Punch, which I previously reviewed, for the “pants”.  (You can find that review by clicking here.)

For the details, eyes, glasses, mouth, I used Acrylic paint and M•A•S•H Nail Art Pens. The pink pen surprised me because it actually covered the black. Not what I was expecting from a neon pink color, I thought I’d have to use white, and then use the pink. The silver was used previously and just would not work, I had to shake and shake and I kept pushing the tip, eventually it flooded but still wouldn’t write. The paint was super bubbly too, maybe the fact that it‘s a metallic paint it works different than the others. In the end I wound up using a nail art brush to apply it to the detail of the glasses. The black one was also used previously but it worked just as well as it did the first use.
And for some added sparkle I used Ninja Polish Hanukkah Floam.

If you would like to purchase M•A•S•H Nails products you can do that on their website …
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Well boys and girls that is my letter M, make sure to check out what the other gals have done for this weeks challenge! I’ll be back if not this weekend on Monday with another post!

♥ Gini ♥

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