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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Superchic Lacquer: Scriptures Collection Swatches

GOOD MORNING and a very happy Wednesday to you! I have some gorgeous polishes to show to you today from the Superchic Lacquer Scriptures Collection.

The Scriptures Collection consists of 8 multichrome flakie/micro glitter polishes. All of them can be layered over your favorite color undies or can be worn alone in just 2 generous coats. I have all 8 shades swatched as stand alone colors for you today. Because these all dry down very textured I topped each mani with 2 coats of Superchic Lacquer Marvel TopCoat to get a nice smooth finish. If you are going to wear these solo you will want to male sure that you do a couple of things. First, use very generous coats. Next, let the first coat dry down completely. Then, when you apply the second coat make sure you do it lightly to avoid tugging the glitter and flakies off the nail. You may even want to dab this coat on to ensure an opaque finish. I just want to note that my descriptions are my own, there may be some colors I missed in the shifting flakies. So please forgive me if I'm a little off. 

Now let's jump into swatches...
Crown Of Thorns: gold-red-fuchsia-orange shifting flakies with matte orange micro glitters in a clear base.

Entertaining Angels: blue-purple-red-copper shifting flakies with matte pink micro glitters in a clear base.

Heaven's Coordinates: gold-mossy green-emerald green-blue-indigo shifting flakies with pale blue matte extra small & micro glitters and purple micro glitters in a clear base.

 In The Twinkling Of An Eye: blue-purple-fuchsia-bronze shifting flakies with matte white & bright aqua micro glitters in a clear base.

 My Secret Garden: blue-teal-green-purple-red-fuchsia-copper shifting flakies with orange micro glitters and matte yellow-orange extra small and micro sized glitters in a clear base.

On A Wing And A Prayer: green-blue-purple-fuchsia shifting flakies with matte pastel pink and purple micro glitters in a clear base.

Quickening: blue-purple-fuchsia-gold shifting flakies with red and bright aqua micro glitters in a clear base. 

Sweet Surrender: copper-gold-green-fuchsia shifting flakies with lime green matte micro glitters in a clear base.

I love this entire collection, they all have so much depth and complexity. I always have favorites though and these three are mine:

My Top Picks
Crown Of Thorns
On A Wing And A Prayer
Sweet Surrender

 Would you wear these over some undies or wear them solo? Which are your favorites? Let me know in the comments! 

The Scriptures collection will be available for purchase on Friday April,22.2016 4pm PST online at and on, they will retail for $10 each. 

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