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Monday, November 11, 2013

KKCenterHK Angel Wing Water Decals

Hello loves! I have been meaning to post some KKCenterHK nail art manis for a loooooong time now. I had a bunch of nail art decorations for review and they got placed in a bin that was overlooked as the crap on my polishing table piled up! Ooops! :/ So I will have a few nail art designs coming up soon! 
Today I have some water decals to show you. I've used nail art stickers and nail tattoos but I've never used water decals before so I wasn't sure what to expect. 

PC: KKCenterHK

To start I decided to use Takko Lacquer Kaleidoscope Eyes as my base color.

Light box daylight bulb

Outdoor direct sun

Kaleidoscope Eyes is a blue/purple duochrome with subtle scattered holo. I have seen people say it is a multichrome, and I guess maybe it is: the blue takes on a grayish tint at times but it's so subtle I'm calling this a duochrome. This is shown as 2 coats topped with HK Girl. It's a little on the thick side making it drag a bit but a drop or two of thinner helps make application easier.
Takko Lacquer can be purchased online at for $13 and for $15. I warn you now they are hard to get on both sites which is why I was lucky enough to have gotten this from my awesome Halloween swap buddy, Liz of A Mani Maniac! Thanks Liz ♥

Outdoor direct sun

Next I added a wing decal to my middle and ring fingers. The decals were actually pretty easy to use. I simply cut out the piece I wanted to use and dipped it into some water, using a pair of tweezers, then I slid it off the paper and applied it to my nail with my finger

As you can see there aren't any lines, like you would have when using a sicker. It was forgiving enough to slide on the nail for perfect placement but stuck well once you had it where you wanted it.
Then I decided to add a couple of heart rhinestones just for a bit of extra decoration.

I definitely want to use more water decals after trying these out! They are great for those who want some fancy nail art but don't have the time or patience to do it all by hand!

You can find the Angel Wing Water Decals on KKCenterHK's website by clicking here, the sheet of  decals retail for $5.75.  KKCenterHK has hundreds of water decals to choose from they can be found directly at this link:

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