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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"I Feel Petty, Oh So Petty" from the Anonamaker Project (Box 4)

I'm feeling pretty salty that I couldn't make it to PolishCon this past weekend. 
So to brighten my mood I figured I'd share my swatches of one of the AMAZING polishes from the Anonamaker box #4. 

If you don't know what the Anonamaker  Project is...WHY? Where have you been hiding? 
Basically it's a box that grew from the bitchiness from the anonymous feature in the Acetone Alley Facebook group. I swear that feature keeps me entertained. So. Many. Shenanigans. 
It's a "bi-monthly offering of sassy polishes and other items made by six of your favorite brands."

 This round contains goodies from Cuter Cuticles, Pretty Jelly, Contrary Polish, Cameo Colours, ellagee and Lollipop Posse. All future boxes will feature a different mix of brands.
Since the theme of this box is anonymity you don't get to see what product belongs to which brand until you get them in your hands! 

I Feel Petty, Oh So Petty!
A green/blue/violet/red shifting base with a tight scattered holo effect, silver holographic micro flakes, pink/gold and sky blue/violet/purple ultrachrome flakes. 

I have it shown as 3 coats, but you could probably get away with 2 depending on application and the length of your nails. Application was awesome and dry time was excellent. 

OMG! I LOVE this polish! There's so much happening with it but all the components compliment each other. I've already worn this twice! 

Pre-order is available from May 3-13 online at:
 This box retails for $50. However, I believe all items can be purchased individually as well, but all items will be regular price. The first 25 boxes will be ready for shipping on or before May 5. All boxes ordered after the first 25 and all individual item orders will begin shipping on or before May 30. Any additional items ordered with pre-order items will all ship at the same time.
Each box contains: 

  • Red Red Whine, 15 ml bottle. A blindingly sparkly cherry red holographic polish with gold shimmer. You might need some cheese to go with it. 
  • I Feel Petty, Oh So Petty, 15 ml bottle. A green/blue/violet/red shifting base with a tight scattered holo effect, silver holographic micro flakes, pink/gold and sky blue/violet/purple ultrachrome flakes. Opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on application.
  • Beating a Dead Unicorn, 12 ml bottle. Light pink holographic microglitter with multichrome flakies and rainbow microglitter, speckled with black microglitter.
  • 50 Pages from the Book of Shade, 12 ml bottle. A glitter bomb topper packed with more than 50 different colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes of glitter. Every bottle is different, and each dip of the brush will bring a unique mix of glitters for your nail.  
  • If I Were a Peacock Tail..., 15 ml bottle. Deep purple base filled with color-shifting shimmer (emerald green to turquoise to cobalt blue). Roll those ass eyes all day long.
  • Wanna Be Starting Somethin Cuticle Oil, 6 ml rollerball bottle. Whether you're just here for the memes or just love the salt, this cuticle oil will do the trick. It smells like hot, buttered popcorn! Michael would approve.
  • A Snark Snack popcorn magnet.
  • A super salty little goodie bag including an Acetone Alley membership card.
*The items are currently exclusive to this release and may or may not be available in each brand's shop at a later date

If you want to see swatches of the other polishes I suggest checking out the Anonamaker Instagram page: @anonamaker

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