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Friday, June 27, 2014

Forever Polished Mythical Party Collection & Island Coconut Mani Bomb Review

Happy Friday loves! I have a pretty big post for you today: The Mythical Party Collection by Forever Polished. This collection consists of 5 glitter toppers and 3 jelly bases with a hint of glitter. Let's get to the good part, shall we?

 The Glitter Toppers
Each of these lovely glitter toppers is shown here as 2 thin coats and topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash.

Invite Only: matte pastel hex glitters in various colors and size in a clear base.
Shown over SinfulColors Solar Flux.

I really love this combo of colors, on top of this yellow make them even better! The glitters aren't as dense as they appear just by looking at the bottle, 1 coat would have been fine but I really wanted to show off the glitter. They lay nice and flush against the nail and the mani becomes nice and smooth with the top coat.

Monster Bash: white, blue, green, purple and silver holo glitters in various sizes and shapes in a clear base.
Shown over SinfulColors Rubber Ball.

I'm kind of in love with this glitter bomb! It's fun but not too over the top. The first coat I applied was a dabbed coat, just so I could place my larger shaped glitters then I applied a regular coat over that. I did place this upside down for a few minutes before I was ready to use it, to ensure the larger glitters were towards the top and easily accessible, I didn't have to fish for any of them. Since these large specialty glitters can make your mani finish bumpy or textured I would recommend using a good thick top coat, like Digital Flash, or a glitter smoothing top coat, like Glitter Food, under your regular top coat to ensure a smooth finish. Also the purple glitters are actually on the nail but they seem to be pretty transparent and faded into the base color, I could see them in person but it was hard capturing them on camera.

Brain Eating Party: hex, star, triangle, skull & crossbones and shard glitters of various sizes in multiple shades of pink in a clear base.
Shown over SinfulColors Rain Rubber

Like Monster Bash, this one should be placed upside down prior to application. The only glitters I had any issue with getting out of the bottle were the skull & crossbones, but honestly I think less is more with this particular shape. I wouldn't want to overwhelm the nail with a lot of those and they do tend to stick up a little if you have a natural curve to your nail like I do.  Other than that, the glitters lay nice and flat once placed. Once again I did once dabbed coat followed by a normal coat and a good thick top coat is recommended as well.

Fairy Party: gold flakes and holo microglitters in a clear base.
Shown over SinfulColors Red Tired.

My first impression of this when looking at it in the bottle? I was a little underwhelmed, I thought it was just another gold topper. After I used it? WOW! The flakes are a great size, not too small but not too large. The holo micro glitters or holo dust is so delicate and don't overpower the nail. This would look amazing over any shade, but I want to try a soft pink with it now. I think that would look fantastic! Again, make sure to use a good top coat.

Alien Mash: various shades of green glitters and silver holo glitters in a clear base. 
Shown over a SinfulColors shade that unfortunately has no name. :( 

The glitters lay nice and flat on the nail and came out of this so easily, there was no fishing required. Just make sure to turn it upside down before using it. Like the others with larger glitters I did one dabbed coat and one normal coat. 

The Jellies
All the jellies are shown as 3 coats and topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash.
These are all true jellies and can be a little sheer, showing some VNL if you have any free edge like I do. I like the jelly look, however if you don't like the look that jellies give you can try layering them over white. It would make the color pop a little more and you would get a more opaque look. The formulas for each of the jellies were perfect. Applying smooth like butter and the thickness was perfect, giving great control; no flooding, no dragging and self leveling.  

Unicorn Party: a bright pink jelly with multicolored micro hexes.

This is sooooooo bright, I almost want to call it a neon pink. Almost. It didn't freak my camera out the way a neon would or the way I expected it to though. The micro glitters are a nice subtle touch to this shade. 

Dragon Party: a purple jelly with black and iridescent glitters in various shapes and sizes. 

I think this is my favorite of the bunch, the black glitters swimming in this squishy purple base made my heart flutter! It does appear a little less royal purple in person, a little more red based really, but this was as close to color accurate as I could get. 

Mer Party: a royal blue jelly with fuchsia circle glitters and a subtle pink shimmer.

This bad boy was quite difficult to photograph. I still think they turned out a little brighter in these pictures than I would have liked but it's pretty darn close. The shimmer is much more apparent in person than the photos too. I love all of these jellies, I'm a sucker for squishy, juicy looking polishes! 

Island Coconut Mani Bomb

This thing smells so freaking amazing! OMG!!! It smells like coconut cookies! I want my house to smell like this 24/7. I wish this thing was edible, that's how good it smelled. See all those little colored beads? Those are jojoba beads. When you drop this bad boy into your warm water they will release into the water, rub your hands around and pop them on your skin. All that oil will make your hands nice and soft but not feel greasy. Soak your hands or feet for about 10-15 minutes then pat dry. You will love the way your skin feels and smells! Please note that these mani bombs aren't large like bath bombs, they are meant for your hands or feet so they are mini sized, just slightly larger than a quarter.

You can purchase Forever Polished online at
The Mythical Party Collection Launches tomorrow, Saturday June 28, 2014 at 5pm. It retails for $58 for the entire set or $8 each.
The Island Coconut mani bombs come in a pack of 4 and retail for $10. This is a Limited Edition scent so make sure to order yours ASAP! 

So, what are your thoughts on this collection? Are there any you must have?  

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Have a great weekend loves! 
Gini ♥

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