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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wing Dust Collections: Cody Cat & Moonlight Sonata

How is everyone on this lovely Tuesday afternoon? I will have a Try it On Tuesday post up later today, for now I have 2 more beauties from Wing Dust Collections new Spring line! 

Cody Cat...
...a white jelly with black, gunmetal, silver, white, and green glitters in different shapes and sizes, with a soft green/blue/gold shimmer.
All photos of Cody Cat are shown as 3 coats topped with Mega Shine

Created in memory of Stephanie's kitty, Cody Cat is a stunning true jelly. The formula is excellent, glitters are suspended well so there is no fishing required to get all the various sizes out of the bottle. The jelly is so squishy and the glitters just nest inside of it like a hug! They lay so flat that no glitter smoothing top coat is required. There is n dragging, flooding pooling clumping or thickening during use, it is pure perfection! I used 3 coats to minimize VNL on my longer nails, I'm sure 2 coats would be sufficient for shorter nails. I love the soft look of this and how it is still a tad sheer. The green in this makes it a perfect spring time polish! 

Moonlight Sonata...
...a dark black jelly base is loaded with soft turquoise and bright sparks of fuchsia and purple, iridescent glitters with a subtle aqua to rose shimmer.
All photos of Moonlight Sonata are shown as 2 coats topped with 1 coat Glitter Food and 1 coat Mega Shine.

Moonlight Sonata! I knew by the name I would love this polish since it is one of my favorite pieces of music by Beethoven. This is Stephanie's physical interpretation of that amazing tune. I wish I could do this polish justice, it is way more impressive in person. The glitters seem to glow against the deep dark black base, the shimmer that only barely appears in these photos is very apparent IRL. The black base is so dark, rich and squishy! The formula with this one was amazing as well. There is so much glitter in this that you won't need to worry about fishing for them. This one did have a bit more texture to it with how much glitter is in it so I did use a coat of Glitter Food to help smooth it out. I love Stephanie's interpretation of such an amazing piece of music, it's absolutely perfect 

Wing Dust Collections can be purchased on Etsy here. Full size bottles retail for anywhere from $8 to $12. Don't forget to use the code Sassy15 at checkout for your 15% off!!! 
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♥ Gini ♥


  1. Cody Cat is gorgeous! That's so unusual - it reminds me of some kind of sorbet!

  2. These are both gorgeous but I love the black one the most, the blue/green glitter is amazing!

  3. Moonlight Sonata is in my cart on Etsy. Waiting on my paycheck to buy...your swatches clinched it.


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