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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My "Nail" Year Resolutions

Happy Wednesday all my Sassy Painters! I hope everyone is surviving what I'm sure is the first day back to work for most of you. I am working on a post right now for a little later on today. I really have got to get to crankin' these swatches out! I have LOTS of Indies to show you, some never before seen collections and some that have been out for a little while and should really be given a second look if you haven't gotten them already! Before I post my review post for today I have a few things I wanted to tell you all. I have been thinking about quality content for my readers and how to better utilize my time for the blog. So I have come up with a few things that are kind of my resolutions for the blog over the next year.

The first thing is, I want to start working off of a regular schedule:

-Tuesdays will now be Try It On Tuesday's for me, maybe for the entire year of 2013...yes I have that many untrieds! It's crazy out of control!

-Thursdays I am going to try to do something fun, free hand nail art, a tutorial every now and again, reader requests! I feel like I have been doing only Indie swatching for the last several months. While I L-O-V-E my Indies I know that not all of my followers are as wild about them as I am and they appreciate a bit of nail art.
-Saturdays/Sundays, I will try to post some stamping. I have lots of stamping plates and I haven't utilized them near as much as I should have, mostly because I kind of suck at stamping. I will try to  post on the weekends a little more to get this done, to get some more practice in with my lovely plates! This may not be every weekend, due to the fact that I have my little redhead every other weekend and that time is precious, so the weekends she is here I will NOT post.

-Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be review days. Unless I happen to not have any reviews lined up, then I will do a mix of untrieds, nail art or practice stamping!

I also have decided that I am going to try to stop buying every single drugstore polish I find on sale. While I love my drugstore polishes I really need to expand my Indie, International, High-end, Salon brands. Since my stash is rounding 600 (maybe more at this point, I have to count) I think It's best I start going with the pricier brands I have few or none of, so I slow down a bit. I will show you all a stash post (then & now) very soon since I just got 3 Melmers and hubby got them all built for me as of last night.

If there are any requests you all have for the new year please feel free to comment here or you can also drop me a line on Facebook as well! I mean ANY requests, from certain brands (mainstream or indie) you would like to see this year, particular tutorials, nail art/designs, nail care101 or even non polish/nail related things as well. Please don't hesitate to ask/request anything!

Ok that's all for now! I'm going to finish my review post, see y'all later!



  1. Happy New Year Gini! I love Try it on Tuesdays! You'll be shocked how many cool polishes you have and be like.. WHY DID I NEVER USE THIS!? XD

    1. Happy New Year Lariesa! I am already saying why haven't I used this to so many I'm kinda scared of how long it will take me to try them all! LOL

  2. "Try It On Tuesdays"! Cute name! I'm doing something similar on my blog soon but the name I chose is nowhere near as cute haha! :)
    I'm also hoping to show more nail art on my blog, I don't do enough of it!
    I can't wait to see what's in store for your blog in '13! :D

    1. Well I can't take credit for the name. several bloggers have been doing it for a while. I think they are all doing it as a challenge but I just need to do it out of necessity! LOL My untrieds are insane I can't even count! Majority of my stash I think!


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