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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Polish TBH: "Tekhnê","Hera" & "Elysium" from the Meraki Collection

Hello my loves! I hope everyone is staying nice and warm! Today I have 3 of the 6 new polishes from Polish TBH's new Meraki collection to show you. If you haven't tried Polish TBH out yet, I'm tellin' you now, you should and this collection is a great way to start! If you have, you already know how excellent all of Chrissy's lacquers are so don't hesitate to get these babies! 

Tekhnê: a neon orange crelly base with orange, yellow, purple and brown glitters.
Shown as 2 coats topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash. 

This has excellent coverage for a neon shade, only 2 coats were needed and there was no VNL. This is intensely bright and these photos do not do this color justice! It actually freaked my camera out a little bit! 

Hera:a mix of silver, shades of blue and snowflake glitters in a sheer shimmery blue base.
Shown as 1 coat over Sally Hansen Petrol topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and Digital Flash.

The snowflakes can be a bit challenging to retrieve since they are larger and heavier than the rest of the glitters. My advice is to place the bottle upside down for about 5 minutes before application and they will be much easier to get out! However, these were not intended to be on every single nail or have multiples on each nail. They are were meant to be included as an accent! It will dry textured to to the shape and sizes of the glitters so a good glitter smoothing top coat is recommended. 

Elysium: an emerald green linear holo with a blackened base.
Shown as 2 coats topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash. 

I was unable to capture direct sun photos that looked good but as you can see the holo stands out even in the light box so getting the holo to show isn't a problem! It was just too darn cold and I started shivering so all my pictures were blurred! I should be posting a video on my Instagram (@sassypaints2012) shortly to show of the holo/sparkle so check there to see that! 

Like all Polish TBH, these have excellent formulas. They spread across the nail easily without dragging, flooding, pooling or thickening during application. And they all have excellent dry times as well.
Usually I have a favorite out of a group of polishes when I review but I have to say that I can't pick just one as a favorite. They are all 3 amazing and I love them each as much as the next! As always Polish TBH's lacquers are 3 Free.

You can purchase these and other Polish TBH lacquers online at: They retail for $10 each except for Elysium which is $12. 

Follow Polish TBH on these social media sites to stay updated:
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