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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil

I have been wanting to try Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil for a long time now, so when Anna offered to send me a sample I was thrilled! I had to allow myself enough time to really test it out since the claims I've seen are pretty amazing. I went completely naked for one week all the while hydrating with Pure Nail Oil. I had been in need of some TLC, with the weather being so cold it has really taken a toll on my skin. Last week I had several sidewall hang nails that had just started and my cuticles were starting to dry out a little. I wasn't expecting to see a major change in my nails since I do take rather good care of them and they do grow rather quickly without any special treatments

What I did:
I didn't polish at all for 1 full week. I applied Pure Nail Oil about 7-10 times a day (depending on how many times I needed to wash my hands) for the first 3 days. After the first 3 days I applied about 4 times. Just about 4-5 clicks covered each finger on one hand; from the first knuckle to the tip and the underneath. 

What I noticed: 
-My nails feel stronger. Which was a huge surprise to me since I have always had very thick, strong nails. 
-My nails look healthier. When you look at the photo of Day 1 you can see the white spots on the nail because the rest of the nail is a bit more see through. Usually my nails looks like this no matter what length they are at. You can see on Day 3 that the nail is starting to look less see through and on day 7 there is virtually no sheer parts at all! 
-The hang nails are gone. The worst one was on my thumb. Good God it hurt! It was a sidewall hangie so I nipped the dead skin and then made sure to oil up. By the second day It didn’t hurt one bit. By day 3 it was scabbed over and by day 7 it’s almost as if it wasn’t even there! The less irritated hangies I had were pretty much gone within the third day. 

I can't really speak for growth too much since, like I said earlier, I tend to have really fast growing nails. I can see how it could help with faster nail growth though. With how much healthier my nails look and feel in just 1 week I would bet that if you have any issues with getting any length this would help you out!  

My sample pen was unscented, which I love! I’ve said it before, but I have some serious scent aversions, so to have unscented oil is best for me. Anna sent a sample pack of the other scents she offers as well: Summer, Winter (both are offered yearly as an LE scent) & Crisp; I think out of the scented ones Crisp is the one I could see myself using, though I do prefer the unscented over them all. I love how it leaves my fingers hydrated without feeling and looking greasy. I also LOOOOOVE the convenience of the pen as the applicator. It makes taking cuticle oil anywhere so much easier than having glass in your purse or pocket. 
I think it's pretty safe to say that this stuff works pretty well. I am a firm believer that the use of jojoba oil means healthier nails and skin and Anna's product is mainly what? You guessed it, jojoba oil! (See Anna's website- linked below- for a list of ingredients.) 

You can purchase Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil online at:
There are several options available. From $5.99 for the refillable pen, which will last from 3 days to a week,
to a 4oz bottle for $39.99. 

Follow Anna/Bliss Kiss on these social media sites:
Twitter @NailCareHQ
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Have you tried Pure Nail Oil? What were your results? 
Gini ♥

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