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Thursday, February 6, 2014

HnA Hand Care: Pink Sugar Trio- Cuticle Oil,Cuticle Stick & Hand Scrub

Hi loves! Second post today! Woohoo! I have to make up for the last couple of days that I couldn't get blogger to load my photos!  In this post I am going to talk about something other than polish! *GASP* Yes there is another side to the nail world! If you are a constant polisher like I am you have probably learned the ins and outs of good hand and nail care. Then again, maybe you haven't just yet, or maybe you are just now starting to absorb all the nail world has to offer so you are just now realizing that when you polish on a regular basis and use a lot of remover/acetone it takes a tole on your precious hands and nails! All that clean up is so harsh on your delicate cuticles and the tedious task of glitter removal: soaking, scrubbing, wrapping in foil; all of it just dries out your dainty digits! What's a nail junkie to do?  This is where, I hope, this review post will help you a little bit.

Let's briefly talk moisturizing. Healthy, happy hands and nails rely on proper moisture. Using cuticle oils and other moisturizing products will help your hands look younger and help with strengthening your nails to prevent splitting, chipping and peeling. The following products were created for that purpose!

Pink Sugar: "sweet sugar blended with cotton candy, lemon drops and vanilla on a bed of of gentle musk followed by a light floral dry down"
As I get older I become increasingly more sensitive to scents so I tend to be leery of scented any thing lately. This scent is beautiful and it doesn't bother me one bit. The sweet mixed with the hint of tart is perfect! All 3 of these products I am showing you tonight are Pink Sugar scented. 

Cuticle Stick
(See HnA Hand Care for a detailed list of ingredients)

I love the packaging, it's great for travel, just throw it in your purse and go! It applies easily with just a quick swipe over your cuticle area. Keep in mind a little goes a long way so I would start with just one nail and gently massage it into as many nails as possible to avoid wasting it and to also avoid greasy fingers, this is a bit thicker than regular cuticle oil so it doesn't absorb as fast. It leaves your fingers nice and soft and smelling fantastic! 

Hand Scrub
(See HnA Hand Care for a detailed list of ingredients)

I use a hand scrub every once in a while. I am guilty of forgetting that my whole hand needs a little TLC, not just the tips of my fingers. This is a smooth gel like scrub and it is thinner than some scrubs I've used, as you can see below. This is a good thing, like the cuticle stick a small amount goes a long way. Basically, with wet hands dip the tip of your finger in the container and get a small amount out. Gently massage your hands together, paying extra attention to the tops of your hands, to exfoliate. I have a nail brush I use to make sure I really get the dead stuff off my fingers and under my nails as well. As you will see in the photo below it can get a nice lather going. Once you feel like you have exfoliated enough just rinse it off and dry! 

This is the actual amount I used for both of my hands.

Enlarge to see the exfoliating crystals better!

Cuticle Oil
It's no secret that I am a cuticle oil junkie. I have a small collection of various oils, all containing different ingredients and scents. My favorite ones are the ones that have Jojoba Oil, like this one. Again, you only need a small amount for all of your nails. Use the brush to apply a small amount to each nail and gently massage into the cuticle and nail paying attention to the underneath of the nail as well. You can do this several times a day to ensure your nails are always properly moisturized.

Pink sugar is a Limited Edition scent so hurry and get it while you can! If you miss out on it or are looking for something different, never fear, HnA carries several different scents!
Just check out their see which mite be right for you! 

Cuticle Stick- $4 ( 0.15oz)
Cuticle Oil- $5 (7ml)
Hand scrub- $5.50 (1oz)

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