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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Celestial Cosmetics: "Santa's Blue Balls", "Harley Dyna" & "Anti-Matter"

I’m starting to think that this winter is never going to end. All weekend I was hoping the sun was going to make an appearance, it didn’t. Boo! I really needed the sun for one of these polishes, but the show must go on so I swatched it without it. Anyway. Today I have more Celestial Cosmetics for your viewing pleasure. Celestial is one of my favorite Aussie brands, the colors never disappoint and the formulas are always flawless. I am so happy that these are available for worldwide shipping through Color4Nails, this brand is to awesome to keep in Australia only! 
Up first...
Santa‘s Blue Balls: a bright cobalt blue linear holo.
Shown as 2 coats, no top coat.

This stunning blue is part of Celestial‘s 2013 Holiday set, obviously. This blue is so bright it made it hard to capture the holo, especially without sunlight, but believe me it’s there. It’s so pigmented that it was almost completely opaque in 1 coat. I didn’t notice any staining, though I did not wear it for too long since I was swatching other polishes after this, so if you afraid it may stain just make sure to use a good base coat. In all honesty, even if this did stain I wouldn’t care, that’s how gorgeous this color is!  Formula was perfection, no dragging, balding or thickening during use. Just keep that in mind, these photos could have been a thousand times better if mother nature would just cooperate with me on occasion! 

Harley Dyna: a black jelly with small rose pink hexes and multicolored holo micro glitters.
Shown as 2 coats, topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash

This is another from the SOA collection. I have swatched a couple others from this collection, if you missed that post see it here. Like all other Celestial polishes I’ve tried, this has a perfect formula. Application was a breeze, flowing on to the nail smooth and perfect. The glitters lay flush against the nail and sink into the black jelly nicely so that there was no need for a glitter smoothing top coat. 

Anti-Matter: a matte top coat.
Shown as 1 coat over Harley Dyna

With Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash                                             With Celestial Cosmetics Anti-Matter

This is pretty mush as it states and shows, a matte top coat. I personally love matte polish but I prefer a good matte top coat over buying a matte polish. Matte polishes seem to chip so fast and some never matte or they get splotchy. It drives me mad when a “matte” polish looks wet in some spots and dry in others. I would rather just know that I can matte any color, brand, finish with a good matte top coat. This one is pretty great. It finishes to a nice flat finish and it levels out nicely without showing a butt ton of brush strokes. Matte top coats do take a bit longer to dry though, so keep that in mind when applying to your manicure, allow it ample dry time before you decide to concur the world! 

Top: NPB Digital Flash Bottom: Celestial Cosmetics Anti-Matter

Celestial Cosmetics polishes retail prices range from $6 to $12 on Color4Nails' website:  color4nails.comColor4Nails also offers worldwide shipping with Free Priority Shipping for all U.S. orders of 6 to 12 items. For US shipments totaling less than 6 items there is a delivery fee of $2.00 for the 1st item; $3.00 for 2 items; $4.00 for 3 to 5 items. Please see the Shipping & Returns section of Color4Nails website for insurance information and International shipping prices/policies. 

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♥ Gini ♥

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