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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Laquerlicious: "Spring Fling"

Hello loves! Today I have another great Laquerlicious polish to show you. If you are a fan of Laquerlicious you may already know this next bit of information about Michelle, the owner/creative mind behind Laquerlicious. Michelle is a Bully lover...Pit Bulls that is! Michelle has a whole collection of polishes she created for her love of this beautiful breed of pups! She then takes a portion of the sales from these special polishes and donates those funds to Fresno Bully Rescue in Fresno, CA. Isn't that just amazingly sweet of her? So now let's talk polish and then I will give you more details below...

Spring Fling: a clear base with a strong aqua shimmer with neon and pastel hex, round,  square, star, diamond, bow and butterfly glitters in various sizes. 
Shown as 2 coats over black and white undies topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash.

Spring Fling 3 coats no undies.

Spring Fling 2 coats over white.

Spring Fling 2 coats over black.

Michelle said that there are well over 75 different types of glitter in this bottle. That is a LOT of glitter! With that many kinds of glitter you can be sure that each and every time you wear it it's going to look like a different polish. As you can see it takes on a different look over different color undies as well, so the possibilities are endless with this gorgeous glitter bomb! 

I had no issues with getting the glitters out of the bottle, I did make sure to place my bottle upside down for about 10 minutes before applying it, to ensure the larger glitters migrated their way up to the top of the bottle for easier application. I did one dabbed coat, where I sort of placed my larger glitters, then one regular coat. The glitters stayed in place once they were on and lay flush with the nail. Since there are so many glitters in this you will need an excellent top coat to make sure you have a smooth finish. I used NPB Digital Flash alone, since it is a thicker top coat it can handle these glitter dense polishes. If you have a thinner top coat I would recommend using a glitter smoothing top coat, like NPB Glitter Food, between the polish and top coat to help you out. 

This gorgeous polish will be available for purchase on March 20th, the first day of Spring, online at Michelle has teamed up with Brittany from The EmPURRium this time and have created a special combo just for this release. For $10 you will get the bottle of Spring Fling and a bone/paw key fob, pictured below. $5 of each purchase, yes 50%, will be donated to Fresno Bully Rescue! Quantities are limited so make sure you get yours before they run out!

Make sure to follow Laquerlicious on these social media sites to stay updated and to get the exact time of the launch of this great set:

Instagram @creativenailchick
Twitter @laquerlicious  

Gini ♥
Picture Credit: Laquerlicious & The EmPURRium

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