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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Freak Show Polish "Fire Eater" Review

 I have another Freak Show Polish for you all! Today's polish is Fire Eater!
Fire Eater is packed full of hex, shred and bar glitters in yellow, orange and red!

All pictures show 2 coats of Fire Eater over 2 coats of China Glaze Bizarre Purple.

Originally I was going to pair this with China Glaze Sun Worshiper but I wanted to make sure you were able to see all of the great glitters in this fiery bottle of goodness!  So I thought the purple undies would make a god match given the season!

There were no problems with application, it was constant with Sword Swallower, which I reviewed yesterday. I have to say I really love the fact that there seems to be no sinking glitters in either of the FSP's I was sent. This can even be a problem with big name polishes so I am quite impressed with that aspect, especially.

And just for fun I decided to add a coat of Butter London's Matte top coat.

I don't know which I like better! I'm leaning more toward the matte version, I'm a little obsessed with matte!

I really wish I could capture the beauty in the bottle but I always have a hard time photographing reds and oranges, this was the best I could get to for you all.

Freak Show Polish is available on Big Cartel here.
Carissa has several different top coat glitters available and they all look amazing!
She is also releasing a new set in a couple of weeks! Get all of her updates on Facebook here.
You can also follow FSP on Instagram @freakshowpolish.

Are you going to try out FSP? Which ones would you get? They are all going on my wish list!

*This item was sent to me for review, all opinions are my own and were not influenced by Freak Show Polish in any way*


  1. Gini, that's some crazy good manicure. Wow. Yup, I'm gonna put these on my Christmas wish list.

    Just realized my wish list is primarily polish-related.


    I think so.

    1. Haha! Me too! My big thing is a helmer! I need one badly!

  2. I love it matte! can i haz yo nailzzz puhleasseee? :)

  3. OH SH*T, you mattified it and took it to a WHOLE other level - GORGEOUS! I like this one better than yesterdays, but I did love yesterdays jelly sammie - oh no, I'm going to be an indie biatch soon!

  4. The matte version is great, and your nails are amazing!! x

  5. I like the matte too! Thank you so much! :)


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