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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Zoya Summer 2014 Tickled Collection Swatches & Review

Hello loves! Today I have the second half of the Zoya summer collections for you. The Tickled collection consists of 6 bright creme shades that are perfect for summer! All 6 shades had a nice formula, they had a nice thickness to them that helped with control during application. I have all 6 shown here as 2 coats each, unless otherwise noted, topped with Sally Hansen Insta-Dry.

 Kitridge: a bright bubblegum pink cream.

This one was a little more on the streaky side so a 3rd coat was used to help with that. This color is so vivid, I was tempted to list it as a neon. 

Ling: a royal blue creme.

You can almost get away with 1 coat with this one. This one is tricky. It looks dark, like a royal blue, then you get into some good lighting and it really brightens up and I wouldn’t really call it royal anymore. Either way it’s beautiful. I had no issues with application.

Rocha: a red toned orange creme with a very subtle shimmer.

The shimmer in this is almost non existent, I was unable to capture it no matter how hard I tried. I could see the shimmer in the bottle but it didn’t translate well onto the nail. It’s still a beautiful fiery shade without that shimmer though. The formula was great making application a breeze.

Rooney: a magenta pink creme.

I swear my camera HATES pink. It never wants to photograph it correctly. This has a little more purple to it making it slightly darker than the photos make it look.  It isn't the most unique shade of the collection, I probably have at least 3 or 4 similar to this one, but it’s still a very pretty polish. 

Tilda: a bright yellowed green creme.

I’m a fan of greens, especially ugly greens and I consider this a lovely ugly green. I love how bright this is without looking like slime, perfect summer green. Again, the formula was perfect so I had no issues.

Wendy: a melon pink creme.

Like Kitridge, this beauty can be a bit streaky, but I managed to pull it off with only 2 coats. Just be patient with your application. 

Which ones are your favorites?
My Top Picks:

You can purchase the Tickled collection at, where they retail for $9 each. 
As always Zoya polishes are all 5 Free and Cruelty Free.

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