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Monday, June 29, 2015

SinfulColors Summer 2015: Street Fusion Swatches & Review

"This summer, SinfulColors transports you across the globe with an on-trend collection of 29 hues that reflect the vibrant and eclectic chaos from around the world.  The fusion of saturated cream shades and dazzling neon appliqués channel the pulsating energy of a summer evening.  The offbeat blend of spicy reds, oranges and cooling blues are perfectly paired with henna appliqués and foil tips.  Juicy purples and pinks complement new matte glitter toppers that add a fashion-forward flair while graffiti-inspired splatter glitter topcoats capture the diverse and rebellious vibe of street art.

Let these 29 vibrant shades, 6 glitter topcoats and 5 appliqués from SinfulColors express your individuality this summer with an electrifying mani to remember."

Hi guys! I was excited to have received some of the new polishes from SinfulColors' Summer collection to review. I was sent 6 polishes and 1 set of appliqués. I was well on my way to swatching all of them for you and them *WOMP WOMP* I broke a nail! :/ Instead of reswatching all of them to match in length I opted for two separate posts. So in today's post I have 3 of the 6 polishes to show you.
Pink Ansen: described as "jagged glitter in a punchy pink".
Shown here as 1 coat over SinfulColors Black On Black, topped with Seche Vite Top Coat.

Pink Ansen is a very sheer polish, it's really only tinted pink and the color is not buildable so it's best worn over another color. I will admit I'm not a fan of bar glitters, which this has a LOT of. The base is pretty thick and gave me a bit of trouble during application, also the bars do tend to stick up and make the finish even with top coat slightly more textured than most glitters. If you like bar glitters and have the patience for applying them you will probably like this. The iridescence is quite pretty however so it's not a complete loss for me.

Keira Blue: described as a "dazzling indigo".
Shown here as 3 thin coats topped with Seche Vite.

This is a touch darker in person making the description more accurate than it appears here. Kiera Blue is a tad sheer on the first coat but it builds nicely becoming opaque with 2-3 coats. I have longer nails here so I used a third for good measure. I'm a sucker for blue polishes and this one does not disappoint! 

Fuji Fuji: described as "holographic silver glitter".
Shown here as a reversed gradient over Keira Blue topped with Seche Vite.

Fuji Fuji is bling bling! I love holo glitters, they are so versatile, taking any polish to the next level. This has a nice formula, the glitters come out in an abundance and the base is nice, not too thin but thick enough to suspend all of these sparkly bits! 

So what are your thoughts on the polishes I've shown you so far? I'm really diggin' Kiera Blue. 
You can find these, and many more SinfulColors shades, at your local Walgreen's, Rite Aid and other mass retailers where they are priced at just $1.99. Check back later in the week and I will have the other half of my review posted! 

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Have a fantastic week loves! 
 Gini ♥

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