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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Delightful Lacquers "Coastal Sands"

My ABC post should be up shortly...I hope. LOL Right now I have a new to me Indie to show you, Delightful Lacquers! Truth be told I am always a little leery of purchasing newer Indie names, for fear that they are of poor quality. I have heard these same fears expressed by some of my readers as well. So when a newer one asks for me to review it's all ways nice so that way I can help you all make a decision. I have learned that even the biggest names can have terrible quality and some smaller Indies, some virtually unheard of, can be great and beautiful gems that really deserve more attention. I think that Delightful Lacquers may actually be one of those gems!

Coastal Sands...
...a holographic metallic sandy beige with beige and light blue hexes scattered throughout.

All photos of Coastal Sands are shown as 2 coats topped with 1 coat of Glitter Food and 1 coat of Mega Shine. 

This polish is absolutely STUNNING! It's a perfect glittery nude (for my skin tone  There is the right amount of glitter in this bottle and the formula is perfect, allowing it to flow on to the nail so easily it almost applies itself! The is no dragging, pooling, flooding or balding. The dry time is excellent! I am so mad a t myself for adding the top coat and then realizing it's a holo polish! Womp womp! I was only able to capture some of the beauty as a result, had I left the top coat of it would have been easier to capture more of the holo in the polish. I did manage to capture some of the sparkle of the holo glitters! This polish really has to be seen to be truly appreciated for what is really is. There is a lot of sparkle and the color makes it still subtle enough to be worn by those who don't like to have too much going on with their nails! 

Delightful Lacquers can be purchased on Etsy here. There is a wide variety of polishes available from glitters and holos to jellies and cremes! Something for everyone! They are priced from $3.96 for mini bottles to $8.73 for full sized bottles. I have several more I will be swatching for you all over the next couple of weeks so keep checking back for those! I am excited to see how much I like those! 

(This product was provided for review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by Delightful Lacquers in anyway.)


  1. Oh wow, this is SUCH a gorgeous color! I don't even think I have one shimmery nude, so I need to get this! I've never heard of the brand but they look amazing, pretty inexpensive too!


  2. this is gorgeous, the color choices made are perfect!

    1. I agree, she really has the right balance of glitter and the right amount of blue showing through to give it a little extra something!

  3. Quite lovely. Nice review, Gini!


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