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Friday, May 27, 2016

Polish 'M: Rest & Relaxation Collection

Hi all! Today I have a beautiful Polish 'M collection to show you. The Rest & Relaxation collection consists of 10 polishes: 8 "Cremelly" polishes (which basically means they are more of a creme base than a typical crelly) and 2 crelly-glitter polishes, all packed with gorgeous shimmer. All are shown as 2 coats unless otherwise noted, topped with Serum No.5 Need For Speed Top Coat. They all have the fabulous formula that I have come to expect and love when using Polish 'M lacquers; a nice formula that applies easily, no dragging, pooling, flooding of the cuticles or sides and no thickening during application. The crelly-glitters have a lovely opaqueness to them, the glitters distribute nice and even and they look so squishy once you top coat them! Let's get to the swatches...

 A Quiet Mind: a medium cornflower blue base with gold shimmer/micro flakies.

Don't Stress: a slightly muted hot pink base with gold shimmer/micro flakies.

Do Your Best: a peachy orange base with gold shimmer/micro flakies.
This one still had a little patchiness with the second coat but became fully opaque with the 3rd.

Forget the Rest: a sunny yellow base with gold shimmer/micro flakies.
Like all yellow polishes, this was also a bit patchy with just 2 coats but a 3rd coat evened it out perfectly. 

I Need Beach: a bright turquoise base with gold shimmer/micro flakies.

Just Breath: a saturated mint green with gold shimmer/micro flakies.

Push Pause: a bright lime green base with gold shimmer/micro flakies.

Relax & Unwind: a slightly muted orchid base with gold shimmer/micro flakies. 

Slow Down A Bit: a cool blue mint crelly base with golden shimmer/micro flakies and multiple colors of hex and round shaped glitters of various size. 

Take A Load Off: a medium purple crelly base with what looks to me like a mix of pink, blue and gold shimmer/micro flakies. Also small white hex and square matte glitters and pink, purple, turquoise and yellow-orange round matte glitters. 

My Top Picks
Do Your Best
Forget the Rest
I Need Beach
Just Breath 
Slow Down A Bit

These will be available for purchase at 11am PST on Monday May 30th online at, where they will retail for $9 each.

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Instagram: @creativenailchick

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