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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

U-Neek Polish Winter Collection Part 1

Good evening boys and girls! I am still feeling a bit under the weather but I wanted to get this post up! I've been a bit behind on my posting and I apologize  Between being sick (since thanksgiving) and having to go to the library for Internet it was just getting a bit difficult to keep up even though I have had my swatching done! My Internet problem has finally been taken care of so I should have some regular posting going on, and hopefully some nail art soon. I really have been itching to do some, but for today I have part 1 of a review for U-Neek Polish! 

Evergreen: A dark green base with green sparks.

All photos of Evergreen are shown as 2 coats with no top coat.

I have to say that I was very surprised with how much I like this color. In the bottle it really doesn't seem like much, almost muted, but once applied it seemed to have come to life!

Evergreen is very opaque and almost a 1 coater but 2 really helped level it out. There was no dragging, flooding or pooling. The formula while a tad thick was actually very easy to work with and quite forgiving. I tend to always miss the side of my tips and have to go back and touch that area up which sometimes causes me to add another coat to even it out, but this seemed to just do the work for me. A huge plus in my book!

Starry Night: Silver holo glitter in a clear base.

All photos of Starry Night are shown as 1 coat over Evergreen topped with 1 coat Glitter Food and 1 coat SV.

The holo in this glitter was so string that it picked up a whole rainbow even in the light box, good thing since it's been a bit gloomy and outdoor pictures just weren't an option.

The formula on this one was a tad thicker and made the glitters stick together a tiny bit but after I added a few drops of thinner it was much easier to work with. And to show you how much holo there is I took a blurred photo as well!

Winter Morning: A white frosted base with blue hexes.

All photos of Winter Morning are 2 coats over 1 coat Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl except for my ring finger which is 4 coats no undies topped with 1 coat SV.

This is probably my favorite out of this bunch. The subtle glitter in this base really captures the feel of a cold snowy winter morning!  

This can be worn by itself, though for longer nails it took 4 coats to prevent VNL, which is why I chose to use undies. They look almost identical really, with undies is slightly brighter though. The formula was perfect, no flooding, dragging pooling and again very forgiving. 

Ol' Saint Nick: A dark red base with black bar, red square, red sparks and silver holo micro glitters. 
(The Etsy description says there are back holo flakes in this as well, but I didn't see any. ?) 

All photos of Ol' Saint Nick show 1 coat to place the bar glitters and 2 regular coats topped with 1 coat GF and 1 coat SV.

This seems to me to be more of a cranberry color than a dark red, but it is very beautiful non the less. 

The formula on this was consistent with both Evergreen and Winter Morning, this is just more of a jelly finish. It does leave your nails quite textured, eve after a coat of GF, I guess 2 coats would have helped smooth it out a bit more, but it was nothing that takes away from the beauty of this polish.

U-Neek Polish can be purchased on Etsy here. U-Neek Polishes range from $5 -$8 for full size bottles and $4 for minis. You can also find U-Neek on Facebook as well for any restock info. Please come back tomorrow and I will have the final 4 reviewed, and there are some beauties! 
What are your thoughts on this collection so far? 

(This product was sent for review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by U-Neek Polish in any way.)


  1. I really need to stop looking at blogs for a while!! I see polish reviews and immediately go and buy them!!! You did an amazing job with these polishes, so now I'm off to purchase!!!

    1. LOL! Nicole I am the same way! It kills me to see all the things Indie makers are making! It's just good I've kept fairly busy with the reviewing or I'd have lots of time to stalk all of the blogs! O_O

  2. As if I don't have enough bling, I'm really digging Starry Night. I need. Tomorrow's PAYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    1. It's definitely a sparkler! I like that it's silve holo and can be used over pretty much anything!

  3. Gini,

    Thank you so much for your review! Amazing!!



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