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Monday, December 31, 2012

My Top 12 of 2012

I asked a while back if anyone would like to see a post of my favorite polishes of 2012 and a few people expressed some interest. Since I am such a huge fan of Indies I am going to do just Indie polishes. 

12. Femme Fatale Lacquer
While I have only tried only 1 polish by Femme Fatale Lacquer I immediately fell in love with it! It's an Indie I plan on trying more of in the future!
Click here to see post.

11. Different Dimension
This is an Indie I have wanted to try for a while and recently got the opportunity to try because of a giveaway I won! Yay! 

Click here to see post
10. Freakshow Polish:
I've had the honor of reviewing a couple of these lovely polishes and I really loved them! I have a few FSP's on my wish list that I hope to get in 2013!

Link to post 1 here. Link to post 2 here.
9. Hit Polish:
Hit polish is one of the Indies I ran into by accident while browsing Etsy, when I first purchased Rachel was still using D&R Apothecary as her shop name, now I believe D&R is for her handmade soaps only. There are always new creations on the Hit Polish store that you can always find something you'll like. I have several Hit Polishes but this one is my most recent and best picture, the others are from when I was still learning. ;)

Link to post here.
8. Polish Addict:
This one squeaked in just in time for this post! I reviewed a couple of these just last week and I really enjoyed them, especially the glitter, it was so unique giving this a spot on my list!

Link to post here.

7. U-Neek Polish:
An unexpected new favorite of mine. I was lucky enough to have gotten to review some of the Winter Collection and I currently have in my possession some soon to be released polishes from this Indie! I can tell you now that you should keep your eyes on this one! 

Link to post 1 here. Link to post 2 here.

6. Polish TBH:
Another new Indie that I fell in love with this year! Christian has some really amazing colors and I will definitely be getting more in the future! 

Link to part 1 here. Link to part 2 here.
5. Laquerlicious:
These 2 I tried were so amazing I can't wait to get some more to add to my collection! 

Link to post 1 here. Link to post 2 here.

4. Whooz Polish:
From the cute logo on the bottles to the overall quality of the polish, this is easily one of my favorites! I can't wait to see what more this name has to come! 

Post 1 - Post 2 - Post 3
3. Jindie:
This Indie really exploded into the nail world this year. Jen really had and awesome year and I hope she continues to make such beautiful polishes! 

2 & 1
Nail Pattern Boldness & Wing Dust Collections
I couldn't decide between these 2 for the #1 spot so they are tied I guess you could say. 

Nail Pattern Boldness was the very first Indie purchase I made so I will always have a spot in my heart for Allison's creations, aside from the fact that they are all AMAZING! 
Since I have so many different posts on NPB I will give you the most recent ones below.

Time TravelerBoop-Oop-a-DupeTexas TeaTin Man (Each name is a link to posts)
Wing Dust Collections is a newer Indie name to me, as soon as I saw the package Stephanie sent me I was hooked! I can easily say that Wing Dust will, again, have a place in my heart always!

Link to post here.
So there are my Top 12 Indie of 2012! I originally planned on doing favorite manis as well but time is running out and I have places to go! Have a safe New Year's Eve everyone! Thank you for making this an awesome year for Sassy Paints! I appreciate each and everyone of you for making this blog what it is! I hope you all stick around to see what 2013 brings! 

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