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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let's Talk Glisten & Glow

Hello loves! I have a different kind of post today, still nail related but not about glitter, sparkle and colors. Today I want to talk about that never ending quest for the perfect fast drying top coat finally coming to an end as well as cuticle and nail mosturization! (Is that an actual word? I'm pretty sure it isn't. LOL) 

Like most nails fiends I know, I have been on the hunt for the perfect top coat. I don't think my list of requirements are too much to ask for: fast drying, long lasting, doesn't smudge, has high shine, doesn't give in to hungry glitters, doesn't smell so much that my nostrils feel like they are on fire and last but not least won't cause shrinkage and get crazy thick after a few uses. That doesn't sound like too much to ask for, so why in the name of all that is holy can I not find that top coat? I tried SV when I first became blog obsessed and it was my go to top coat but it was such a pain in the butt. The smell was so awful, it would get so gooey after about 5 uses and the shrinkage was crazy stupid. So I decided to try other top coats out, mostly Sally Hansen stuff but nothing was perfect, that is until HK Girl arrived in my mail box. 

Since I have never reviewed a top coat before I wasn't quite sure what to show you. I have had this bottle of crystal clear goodness for a few weeks now and I have used it on almost every mani since then and I just decided the best thing was to show you some of those.

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I have come super close to finding the perfect top coat but as soon as I thigh it was right I used it on some nail art and it ruined it. Nothing is worse than smudged nail art! As you can see above HK Girl has the least amount of smudging, and the smudging that is there is probably just due to the fact that I tend to polish pretty heavy handed. 

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All of these photos shown are manis I did topped with 1 coat of HK Girl, my new holy grail of top coats. In my book it is a MUST HAVE top coat. If you have been looking for the ultimate top coat look no further. It smooths out glitters easily, it dries super fast and ultra shiny, doesn't dull holos, there's no shrinkage or terrible nose melting smell and it is long lasting. I can't really say how much I love this top coat, all I can say that will sufficiently express how much I love HK Girl is the search for the ultimate top coat is OVER! This is it!  HK Girl retails for $6.95 for a regular full size bottle and there is also the Big bottle for $32.95 and multiple refill sizes available priced from $25.50 to $89.50! 

Cuticle Balms and Oils are an important part of my daily nail care routine. I like to keep a balm or on my nightstand, in my purse and of course one at my polishing table. I've said it before, properly moisturized cuticles and nails make for healthier, stronger nails. Moisturizing can mean less breakage, less hang nails and cracking, painful fingers. 
I love this cuticle balm. It has the smoothest feel and it absorbs quickly. The Sangria & White Peach scent is absolutely amazing, soft and subtle for those of us who have a sensitivity to smells like me. These cuticle balms come in various scents from Sangria & White Peach to seasonal scents like Pumpkin Latte. I love these little tins they are so convenient for throwing into my makeup bag or purse on the go. The .50oz tin retails for $8 and comes in 2 regular scents of Sangria & White Peach and Summer Sorbet and there are several seasonal scents as well like Pumpkin Latte!

Speaking of on the go convenience, Glis-tics Cuticle Oil is even better for it! The roller ball glass container is probably the best of the 2 to keep in your purse. It's spill proof and super easy to apply. Again it absorbs nicely and makes your cuticles look amazing. I was sent the Viva La Juicy scent, it smells just like the perfume, what a great scent! These roller ball Glis-tics come in 20 different scents from Almond to Pearberry and retails for $10.50 per .37oz rollerball. 
Both the oil and the balm would be perfect for your cuticle care needs! 

Have you tried any of these great products yet? You really should, you won't be disappointed! 
All of these items can be purchased on Glisten & Glow's BigCartel shop at
You can also find HK Girl at as well! 

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