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Monday, October 7, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness: Howl And The Anti Cries Collection (Halloween 2013)

Hi loves!! Happy MONDAY! No? Well maybe some Halloween polishes will make it better! Tonight I have an awesome Halloween collection by Nail Pattern Boldness to show you! As most of you know already, NPB is one of my all time favorite indies. Allison always has the best quality, coolest names, most excellent customer service and the fastest turnaround time of any indie I have ever purchased from!

Please note that the images on the bottles are special effects that have been added to the photo and do not actually come on the bottles.
Bitches' Brew..., green, gold, purple and blue hex and square glitters in various sizes. 
All photos of Bitches' Brew are shown as 1 coat over NPB Brown Jelly and topped with HK Girl.

Bitches' Brew was originally released for Halloween 2012,  as you can see from my old label my bottle is one from the original release. I want to point out that when I purchased this bottle Allison had run out of the blue hex glitters and made a small amount with blue squares, which is what I have. You will be receiving yours with hexes if you decide to purchase this. You can read my original post for Bitches' Brew here.

This glitter topper is the ultimate Halloween glitter, it has all the elements of Halloween in the colors! Bitches' Brew is easy to apply, like all NPB's are, and the glitters lay pretty flat against the nail so no Glitter Food was required.

Vincent Price Is Right...
...a black jelly base with micro and small hexes in a rainbow of colors and medium glowy blue hexes.
All photos of Vincent Price Is Right are shown as 3 coats topped with HK Girl. 

This baby is so juicy looking, I had a hard time getting good pictures that  weren't reflecting the light like crazy!  The rainbow of glitters are lovely especially since they don't overpower the polish. The blue glitters are stunning! They don't look like it in these photos but they have a glowing appearance which make this even more stunning. The formula is excellent which makes for easy application. There is no dragging clumping, flooding, pooling or thickening during use.

I'm Your Boogie Man...
...a red-orange jelly.
All photos of I'm Your Boogie Man are shown as 3 coats topped with HK Girl.

I like orange but for some reason it's not usually the shade I reach for but with a juicy finish like this jelly has I could see myself reaching for this a lot! This has a flawless application, it appears very sheer with the first coat  but starts to build nicely with the second and the third makes it perfectly opaque. The great thing about this is it could be used to make a Jelly Sandwich with your favorite glitters!

Witch Queen...
...a clear base with purple, green, blue, yellow and gold hex and square glitters in various sizes.
All photos of Witch Queen are shown as 1 coat over NPB Gray Jelly and topped with HK Girl.

Witch Queen is the perfect name for this mix of glitters! These are the colors I think of when the word witch comes up and the purple and gold make it royal! Application is great, the glitters lay nice and flat against the nail so there was no need for Glitter Food.  This wold loo great over pretty much any color undies!

...micro glitters in mostly orange with hints of green, purple and gold in a clear base.
All photos of Frankenpussy are shown as 1 coat over Wet n Wild Lethal Injection topped with 1 coat NPB Glitter Food and 1 coat HK Girl.

I can't believe the amount of coverage this has at one coat! I've used a lot of micro glitter polishes but this is by far the best coverage I've seen. I know that if I had decided to use a second coat undies would not be needed. If you do decide to wear this on it's own make sure to give enough time in between coats to dry so there will be no clumping or dragging. Also since it's a micro glitter I would recommend using a coat of Glitter Food, like I did with this mani, before adding your top coat to ensure a smooth finish!

Allison just launched her new online shop this last restock, so you can find this whole collection and all of her other beauties at, they retail for $9 each. Since she opened her new shop, she has also been able to offer free shipping all US and Canadian orders over $45!

If you are new to NPB, all Allison's goodies are 3 free (except Nail-A-Peel), cruelty free and are thoroughly tested for the most excellent quality!

You can follow Nail Pattern Boldness on these social media sites:
Instagram @nailpatternboldness

So which of these is your favorite? Will you be ordering any of these spooktacular polishes for your Halloween mani?

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