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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: Triangle

Hey, hey, hey!! I know I haven't done a Mish Mash Challenge post in several weeks but I'm hoping to keep up with it on a more regular basis from here on out. 

This week we are supposed to do a "Triangle" mani and I actually had a couple things in mind, one of them I just couldn't shake. I have wanted to do a Harry Potter inspired mani since I started blogging but I never find the time or I feel discouraged at my lack of skill in the free hand art department so I give up before I even get started. Once this idea came to me I knew it was perfect and would be simple enough for me to pull off. I took my inspiration from the last book in the HP series; The Deathly Hallows. 

For this mani I used Wet N Wild Sunny Side Up and Sinful Colors Pull Over & Unicorn to create the Saran Wrap effect. Then I used Sally Hansen Oxblood & Golden-I for the Deathly Hallows symbol and I topped it all off with HK Girl

My hopes were to make the nails look like the book cover. Do you think I managed to capture that? I know that my Deathly Hallows symbol is a bit messy looking, that's how I intended it to look. I was fairly straight with perfect lines but it seemed wrong, I thought a messier look would make it better. 

So what do you think about my triangle mani? I have another one that I really want to do and probably will soon enough, though it's way more complicated than this one and probably wont turn out on my nails the way I picture it in my brain! LOL. Now that I'm done rambling I'm going to try and look at everyone's Triangled tips! 

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