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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nail Nation 3000: "Love In A Bottle", "Holo In the Bad Lands", "The Memphis Blues" & Pineapple Cuticle Oil

Hello everyone! Long time no see, right? I have had a heck of a few weeks. I won't bore you with all of the details but I had some computer issues, a few nail breaks and some major family stuff pop up. With all that I had to take a break from the blog, however abrupt it was, it was necessary. I wan't to get back into blogging like I had been before but April is looking like it is going to be as hectic as March was. Once things start to look a little more clear I will make sure to let you all in on what is going on. Like I said there are some family things going on and I just don't know how things are going to go from here on out. 

I also want to take a brief moment before I start my post here to apologize to Maria of Nail Nation. I had fully intended to post my review a couple of weeks ago, I had my photos ready and everything. I will make no excuses, but simply say I offer my deepest apologies for the delay. I normally do not take this long for a review and it was never my intention to make you wait. Again, Maria, I am so very sorry. 

 Love In A Bottle: a lavender creme with scattered holo and pink shimmer.
Shown as 2 coats no top coat.

Love In A Bottle is a beautifully delicate shade, perfect for spring. The holo is very subtle so, of course, I had a heck of a time trying to capture it on camera. The pink "shimmer" shows up easily and is what really makes this a winner in my book! Application was nice, the formula is a little thick which helps with opacity. It does dry to a matte finish so I would recommend using your favorite top coat to give it a nice shine! 

Holo In the Bad Lands: a tan linear holo with a slight orange shift.
Shown as 3 coats, no top coat. 

This is such a pretty holo, too bad you probably can't tell. It's almost a perfect match to my skin tone and it blends so well that it makes it hard to show you just how amazing this polish really is in these photos! (I never realized I was so orange! LOL) I tried using 3 coats to see if it would darken the color up a bit, but the color is very true to what you see in the bottle and doesn't build to a darker shade so you will really only need 2 coat for full coverage. Oh well, I love that it matches me so well because I didn't have a "nude" holo. This beauty applies like butter and the holo is spectacular, even more amazing in person. 

The Memphis Blues: a medium blue subtle scattered holo with a strong fuchsia glass flecked finish.
Shown as 1 coat, no top coat.

Seriously? Look at that pink! How stunning are these colors together? The holo is shy and wouldn't photograph at all, it is scatterd and subtle but you will see it in direct sun. That fuchsia glass fleck, shimmer it's got going on...not shy, not even a little. This formula is like Love In A Bottle, it was on the thicker side but, again, it makes it so color dense that only one coat was needed to get the color you see in these photos! When I say thick I don;t mean gloppy or chunky I mean control. This is also shown with no clean up! That is the perk of a thicker formula, if you have a steady enough hand you can get away with minimal to no clean up and have no flooding, pooling, dragging. This also finished slightly matte so remember to use your top coat to achieve that glossy shine! 

Pineapple Cuticle Oil

Now I feel almost ashamed to show you my naked nails with how short they are. My nails are usually quite a bit longer than this, as most of my loyal readers know. They also probably know these next two things: 1) I am a cuticle oil junkie and 2) Even though I have a hundred million (Ok not that many really but a lot!) different cuticle oils in my possession at all times I can be pretty forgetful to use them as often as I should! Ooops! 
I credit my use of, and lack of using, for the length of my nails. They grow so much longer, stronger and faster when I remember to oil at least twice a day. They also tend to break much easier when I have forgotten to oil for a few days and have done a lot of washing of dishes and other things around the house! Not to mention those pesky and painful hangnails. Properly moisturize your nails and fingers and you will see a difference! 

This oil has the most amazing, yet soft scent. Which is great for a cuticle oil. Sometimes scents can be too overpowering and even though I love the smell, the smell can hurt my head because I have a super sensitive nose. This is just perfect! It comes in a large 1oz bottle, and I do mean large bottle! The cap has a dropper applicator, one drop is good for one to both hands. This will last you a good long while!

You can find Nail Nation 300 products online at
The polishes I have show you today are all available right now, some for a limited time only and retail ranging in price from $13 to $14.75. The Cuticle oil is also limited and looks as if it is sold out of this scent put is available in Hawaiian Plumeria in the same style and size bottle for only $7.50! 

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