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Friday, May 30, 2014

Forever Polished: "Forever Shifting", "Beyond Clouds", "Purple Cow" Mani Bombs, "Lavender & Lemon Grass" Soap and "A Monkey's Birthday" Tart Brittle

Hello loves, happy Friday! Last week I showed you a few polishes from Forever Polished and I promised you another post with some more FP goodies, so here it is! I will be doing this post a little different than normal. I will list the price for each item with my review, since there are so many different items and they all have different prices. I will still list the website and social media info at the end of the review though. 

Forever Shifting: a clear to black thermal with a cyan-purple shift.
Shown as 3 coats topped with HK Girl. 

Click to enlarge.

I know I said this is a thermal, but why didn't I show the thermal change? Well, it's kind of hidden. Ashley told me when she sent this to me that I may not be able to see the change, but I could. My tips were visibly darker than the rest of the nail. Capturing it on camera was the issue. The thermal change is hidden by the shift in colors because this is more than anything a duo/multichrome polish. I managed to get blue, purple and an almost red shift to show for my pictures, but somehow couldn't capture that thermal change. Either way it is a gorgeous polish. It has an excellent formula, it looks like it will be thin with the first coat but it built nicely, fully opaque in 3. Dry time was excellent as well. 

Forever Shifting: Full size $12. Mini $6

Beyond Clouds: white triangles and periwinkle dots and hexes in a clear base. 
Shown as 1 coat over Forever Shifting topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash.

I'm really loving this glitter mix. I've loved the round glitters since they started making their appearance, those in addition to the triangles...A+ in my book! The formula for Beyond Clouds is great! There was no fishing required to get any of the shapes out of the bottle (I do place my glitter polishes upside down for a few minutes before polishing to ensure all the glitters are easily accessible) and they lay nice and flush against the nail. I did use a thicker top coat to make sure I had a smooth finish since matte glitters tend to be on the thick side.  

Beyond Clouds: Full size $8.00. 

Purple Cow Mani Bombs

I've always loved giving myself an at home mani. Pedicures? Not so much, I really hated doing it. I used to think there was no point and I would rather pay someone to do it for me. That is until recently. I have become kind of a germapobe, and the thought of sticking my feet into a tub full of bacteria, dead skin and lord know what else, give me the heebie jeebies. Not to mention the tools they use. Now I prefer to just do it at home while I'm watching my favorite TV show. I put on a face mask, grab a glass of wine and stick my feet into a nice hot bath. That's where these little guys come in! 

This one smells so yummy, kind of like grape soda. It feels great on your skin since there is a lot of great moisturizing oils in it. Once you're done with soaking you will feel a great difference in how soft your feet and/or hands are. Basically get some hot/warm water in a tub or bowl that will fit your hands or feet and then drop one of these bad boys in the water and watch it fizz! Then soak for about 20 minutes. 

Purple Cow Mani Bombs: $8 for a pack of 4.

Lavender & Lemon Grass Soap

This soap has such a lovely soothing scent, I used to tell myself I didn't like lavender. Now I find myself seeking things out that are lavender scented. This has a nice, rich lather and rinses off clean. Plus, look how pretty!! If you are a fan of specialty soaps you really should try this! 

A Monkey's Birthday

This stuff smells soooooooo good! Holy yum! It smelled like I had been hard at work baking, so much so that when hubby came home he said "Did you bake a cake!?" He was quite disappointed when I broke the news that I didn't. I wouldn't have put it past him to try and eat a piece of this just to see if it tasted as good as it smelled! LOL 

These little brittle pieces are perfect, you can pick a piece or two, place them on your warmer and let your house fill with the yummy aroma of banana birthday cake! I do have a relatively small home, so the smell did fill the entire house but most candles have a hard time filling one room with their scents. Overall I would say this would have no problem in a large room. 

A Monkey's Birthday: $5 (4oz of brittle) 


You can purchase Forever Polished online at

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So have you tried any of these or the other fabulous goodies from Forever Polished? If so which ones do you recommend? If not which ones are you looking forward to trying? 
I hope you found some thing you like in today's post. 
I'll see you next week loves! Have a great weekend! 

♥ Gini ♥

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