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Monday, May 19, 2014

Forever Polished "Greed & Envy", "We Agree, Circles Have No Point", "Cranberry Me!" & "Bora Bora" Cuticle Stick Review

Hello loves, happy Monday! I'm really excited about today's post. Forever Polished is a new brand to be featured on Sassy Paints, though the brand has been around for quite a while. 

 Greed & Envy: a green leaning teal with silver mirco shimmer.
Shown as 1 coat topped with HK Girl.

I love one coat polishes, that on top of the fact that this color is gorgeous...WINNER! The formula is excellent, it glides on easily: no flooding, pooling or dragging. 

We Agree, Circles Have No Point:square, rectangle, star and triangle glitters in various sizes and colors in a clear base.
Shown as 1 coat over Greed & Envy topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash.

I have been seeing more and more polishes this year with the triangle glitters, I have a few but I really like these holographic ones! This glitter topper would make an excellent addition to a polish junkies stash. I did have a hard time trying to get any stars out of the bottle, I would recommend placing the bottle upside down for about 5 minutes prior to polishing to make getting them out easier. I did use a thicker top coat over this so ensure a smooth finish. 

Cranberry Me!:a cranberry red linear holo.
Shown a 2 coats topped with HK Girl.

Indoor  lighting

I'm a sucker for holos, no secret, and this one is pretty spectacular! It has a strong linear holo even concidering the fact that there has been no sunshine, the indoor light captured that rainbow, no problem. Again, the formula is excellent, just like with Greed & Envy.

Day light bulb

Bora Bora Cuticle Stick

This is one of the most unique cuticle balms I've tried. It has a much thicker consistency than any others I've used. It is also one of the most moisturizing and long lasting balms. It has a lovely, soft scent. The Jojoba Beads are pretty cool, they give a burst of moisture when they dissolve. I was really impressed with how incredibly soft my hands felt without feeling greasy. 

You can purchase Forever Polished online at
Greed & Envy and We Agree, Circles Have No Point retail for $8 and Cranberry Me! for $12.
The cuticle sticks retail for $4 each and you have a 4 scent choices or even to go for unscented. (Please see the website for details on scents and ingredients in each kind) 

Follow Forever Polished on these social media sites:
Twitter @AshelysPolish
Instagram @foreverpolished

I will have another Forever Polished post up soon with some mani bomb, hand soap, wax melt goodness in addition to a couple more polishes!  So make sure to keep checking in for that post! 

Have a great day! 
Gini ♥

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