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Friday, January 30, 2015

Chirality: El Amor De Mi Vida Colección (The Love of My Life Collection)

Hello loves! Today I have a new to me Indie brand, though they have been around for as long as I can remember blogging. This collection is a Spanish themed VDay collection that consists of 5 holographic polishes. 

They all have excellent formulas, opaque in just 2 smooth and perfect coats. There was no dragging or balding and they were all self leveling. The formulas are in the medium-thick range, perfect for good application control: no flooding the cuticle or sides of the nail. I have all five shown in this post with no top coat, I ran out of my HK Girl and my NPB Digital Flash and didn't want to dull the holo with any of the other top coats I have. 

These photos were taken in my light box using daylight bulbs except for every 3rd photo for each  polish, those were taken without filtered light under my Ottlite to show the holo better. So let's take a look...

Cariño: a bright blue with a strong linear holo. 

I love how this looks different in diffent light. The light box photos make it appear lighter, a softer shade of blue. My photos taken under the Ottlite show it brighter and more vivid. The holo is nice and strong in this beauty, you'll get the strongest "rainbow" flash from this out if the whole set. 

Estoy Loco por Ti: a light blue base with a soft holo.  

I was surprised by the touch of golden shimmer once I applied this, and once more with the flecks of bright blue nestled in there. With all these things going on, it really gives it some depth. Like Cariño it takes on a different appearance in different types of lighting. 

Hablé de Ti: a black holographic polish.  

This lovey lacquer has flakies that seem to shift from pink to blue. They add a nice touch to this polish, since there are a lot of black holos on the flakies definitely give it it's own special twist. Again the appearance seems to transform in diffent light. 

Mamacita Rica: is what I would describe as a puce-rose holo. 
(And that's puce as in a dusty/hint of brown type pink-purple, not green...since there seem to be 2 colors linked to that name!) 

The holo is more subtle in this but it does have a gorgeous golden shimmer with pink flakies to give it a little extra pop! This is definitely one of my favorites, though I do love them all! 

¿Oye Chula?: a gray, almost gunmetal, holographic.

Ok, this one was impossible to photograph to my satisfaction, it kept freaking my camera out. There are blue-pink shifting flakies in this beauty, that's what makes it special. If you look at my macro (2nd photo) you can see in the middle of the nail the flakies appear blue and at the edges of the nail the flakies are more pink/purple. Depending on the light and angle this shift completely changes the look of the polish. This is definitely a winner!

This collection will be available TOMORROW, Saturday January 31st on and on their Etsy store. Only the chiralitypolish site will have the new collection in mini bottles. They will be available all together as a set and individually. All of them will be $12 each in Full Size and $6 in Mini bottle. The collection will sell as a set for $51 in full size and $25  for the collection in mini size. 

So what are your thoughts on this collection? Are there any you want to ad to your collection? I'm completely in love with it and really can't pick an absolute favorite since they all have something special about them!

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*All Chirality polishes are 3-Free & Cruelty Free*

♥ Gini ♥

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