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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Polish 'M: Fall 2015 Swatches (Full Collection)

Hi guys!! It's been a while since I've done a full blown indie post, but I really thought this amazing collection deserved the full write up! Plus with all the hoopla going on in the polish community I thought it would be a great time to show my love for an indie brand that I know, completely trust and positively adore! Polish 'M started up 3 years ago originally as Laquerlicious, then rebranded at the beginning of this year as Polish 'M. Michelle, the creative genius behind the sparkle, has always released great collections but she has really outdone herself with this one! This is the ultimate fall collection, something for everyone. If you're like me you will love each and every lacquer in this set! 

Autumn's Palette: a clear base with copper-gold-fuchsia UCC mega flakes and copper & gold galaxy holo glitter.

This beauty was the one that caught my eye as soon as I opened the package. The flakes shift so much it's crazy and the holo sparkle is so intense. There is so much going on in this bottle! You can wear this solo like I have done here or you can layer it over your favorite color undies! 

Under water to show the shift in the flakes.

Breezy Fall Days: a clear base with pink-purple-blue-green UCC mega flakes with teal and silver galaxy holo glitter.

Here's another crazy gorgeous color bomb! Just like it's golden cousin, the flakes are extremely shifty, every light! I could wear polishes like this all the time! It looks so different in every kind of light and at every angle. I seriously couldn't stop staring at this.

Both this and Autumn's Palette finished so beautifully smooth, neither needed a glitter smoothing top coat. They both apply like a dream, spreading evenly across the nail, no clumping, dragging, thickening or flooding the cuticles/sides. These two are a must have!! I have both shown here as 3 thin coats, topped with Superchic Lacquer Marvel Top Coat.

Under water to show the shift in the flakes.

The next 8 in this set are your base colors with gorgeous glitter combos. Michelle is an absolute genius when it comes to these kinds of polishes. Her formulas are always spot on. They are thick enough to give control during application but thin enough that they don't get all clumpy. Most of these were perfectly opaque in just 2 coats, unless noted below. I have topped all with either Marvel Top Coat or Polish 'M Matte Top Coat. Each of these has a stunning combination of a rich, luscious base color with an opulent mix of perfectly matched glitters and flakes. Enjoy the beauty...

Cider By the Bonfire: a deep grape jelly base with silver micro shreds and purple & fire red micro and small glitters.
Shown as 3 thin coats.

Cobbler Crust: a taupe brown base with bronze micro flakes, brown & champagne micro glitter, caramel, copper and navy small and medium glitters.

Cranberry Crisp: a rich berry base with silver flakes, magenta-blue micro flakes, taupe micro flakes, gold dust flakes, dark burgundy and garnet micro glitters.

It's Fall Y'all: a darkened indigo base with lavender-gold & purple-blue micro flakes and silver, blue & gold micro glitter and small teal hex glitters.

Midnight Hayride: a blackened navy base with navy micro flakes, snow white flakes, gunmetal and blue-green iridescent micro & small glitters and midnight blue & orange micro glitters.
Shown as 3 thin coats.

Nightly Harvest: a black jelly base with gold, magenta & sapphire micro glitters and gunmetal micro flakes.
Shown as 3 thin coats.

Pumpkins In the Patch: a rust orange base with red micro flakes and bronze, gold, copper holo & orange micro glitters.

Seasons Are Changing: a deep teal base with turquoise & silver micro flakes, silver small & micro glitter and bright blue & aqua micro glitters. 

My Top Picks
Autumn's Palette 
Breezy Fall Days
Cobbler Crust
Pumpkins In the Patch
Seasons Are Changing

 Picking those 5 was crazy difficult because I love them all so much! Which are your favorites?
The Fall 2015 collection will launch on September, 19th at 2pm pst at They will also be available at some point through Edgy Polish, the Swedish stockist. Make sure to follow Polish 'M on the following social media outlets for updates:
Instagram: @creativenailchick

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