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Monday, September 28, 2015

Superchic Lacquer: Goosebumps Collection Swatches and Marvel-Star Top Coat Review (Picture Heavy)

Hi guys! How about a late night post? Tonight I have the second of the two collections that Jen from Superchic Lacquer created for this Fall season. (If you happened to miss my post for the Dreamology collection check that out here!) The Goosebumps collection consists of 10 crelly bases packed with glitter and shimmer. Now these aren't just any old crelly glitter polishes, these bad boys are thermals and all but two glow under UV/black light! 

I have each shade shown as 3 coats, I did three because of the length of my nails two should be sufficient for most people though. All of them have a nice formula, not thick at all but not too thin that it will cause flooding. These are pretty glitter dense and can be a tad tricky to get some of the larger glitters out, so I recommend turning them upside down for about 5-10 minutes before applying. This will allow the glitters to travel to the top of the bottle so you won't have to fish for them. They all dry down to a matte finish and can be quite textured due to the amount and size of the glitters so I used a coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food for all of them to smooth them out, then a coat of Marvel Top Coat for a high-shine finish (unless noted below). Dry time even without top coat was excellent and the thermal shift was crazy visible! I will warn you right now that some of these colors really freaked my phone out, I tried as hard as I could to get the most color accurate photos for you. Also, for a few of these I feel like I may have failed a little in showing how extreme the change in color really is, it's still disgustingly hot here and under my lights the cool state kept wanting to change really fast. I seriously almost froze my fingers off in ice water trying to get the full cold shots and I still had a hard time snapping them fast enough! Stupid Indian Summer! I'm ready for the cool down! 

Ok, I'm done with all the yapping. Let's look at photos. Oh, by the way, I did make collages of these since this is a large collection and so many looks to each polish. I hope you enjoy! 

 Bad to the Bone: "Nude bone when warm to dark charcoal when cool, embellished with black, white, gray, purple, bronze and gold glitters and shimmer."
This is one of the 2 that doesn't glow under the black light on it's own so I used Superchic's new Marvel-Star top coat for the glow effect. 

Doomsday: "Bright neon orange when warm to burnt orange when cool, chock full of various hues of orange, peach and purple glitters and shimmer."

Gooze: "Bright neon yellow when warm to grass green when cool, packed full of neon yellow and varied hues of blue glitters and micro glitters"

Killing Me Softly: "Bright neon pink when warm to violet when cool, adorned with black, neon pink and purple glitters and coppery shimmer."

Monsters In My Closet: "Bright neon green when warm to turquoise when cool. Loaded with purple, blue and yellow glitters and micro glitters."

Pick Your Poison: "Violet-fuchsia when warm to deep berry when cool, embellished with an array of hues of green and turquoise glitters and shimmer."
This is the second in the collection that does not glow under black light, so I used Marvel-Star once again to make it glow for you all. 

Psychic Hotline: "Bright neon lime when warm to avocado green when cool, chock full of varied shades of green and purple glitters and shimmer."

Rotten to the Caramel Core: "Bright neon apple green when warm to caramel to burnt caramel when cool, deliciously loaded with green and copper glitters and shimmer."
*Note: as you can see, this is a thri color thermal: caramel is the cool shade but the burnt caramel is the cold/cooler shade and, obviously, green is the warm shade.

Souls For Sale: "Bright neon cherry when warm to deep blood red when cool, embellished with black and red glitters and shimmer."

Tag You're It!: "Neon turquoise when warm to ocean blue when cool, adorned with neon pink, neon blue and red glitters and shimmer."

Marvel-Star: "Neon luminescent Liquid Macro Top Coat. Ignite any polish in your collection with this amazing top coat that glows under black light UV lighting!"

This top coat is pretty much the same as the regular Marvel Top Coat that I use like crazy: 30 second dry time, doesn't dull holos, thick enough to smoothly cover most glitters and long lasting. The one thing that makes this truly unique is that it makes any nail polish glow under black light! Perfect for those up coming Halloween parties or when you're taking a trip to the haunted houses! I used it on my swatches of Bad to the Bone and Pick Your Poison above, I opted out of using it for the other 8 because it would have altered the original colors in their black light shots since Marvel-Star glows white. As you can see below no matter what shade or finish it creates an awesomely intense glow!

So, what are your thoughts on this collection? Are there any that you can't love without? I love the color combos of all of them and the thermal change as well but these are my favorite of the set...
My Top Picks
Bad to the Bone
Monsters In My Closet
Pick Your Poison
Rotten to the Caramel Core
Souls For Sale

You can purchase both of the new collections, Goosebumps and the Dreamology, as well as Marvel-Star on September 30th at 4PM PST, online at and on, they will retail for $10 per bottle.

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Have a great week loves! 
♥ Gini ♥

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