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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Elevation Polish: Glacier Collection & Yeti Duo Swatches

Hey guys! Who's going crazy with the upcoming holiday? ME!! So let's take a nice break and look at some pretty polishes! Today I have the two newest collections from Elevation to show you. Up first I have the Glacier Collection...

Engilchek Glacier: "a dusty light purple shimmer. Micro shimmer in pink & violet."

Shown as 2 coats topped with Superchic Marvel Top Coat.
This has an excellent formula. There was no flooding the cuticles or sides, no dragging or balding and very self leveling. The shimmer is a bit muted until under direct light but when it shows it's gorgeous! 
Engilchek retails for $9.

Nun Kun: "black holographic with flashes of red micro shimmer."
Shown as 3 coats topped with Marvel Top Coat.

Nun Kun  has a lovely formula, a little on the thinner side but it builds nicely. Even though it it thinner it still has great control so it didn't flood the nail. I was unable to notice any red shimmer though, I think it's because that holo is very intense, which is never a bad thing! 
Nun Kun retails for $11.

Taylor Glacier: "Multi-tone shift metallic. Shifts from red to golden purple."
Shown as 3 coats topped with Marvel Top Coat.
Taylor is a super complex polish. There were at least 4 shifts in color that I was able to capture: a deep purple-red purple-red-bronze red. The most prominent color is the reddened purple with the red coming in second. The other colors were only really apparent at extreme angles in lower lighting. It was a little patchy on the second coat but it did even out quite nicely with the third. This is a stunner for sure! 
Taylor Glacier retails for $10.

Unteraarglescher: "multi-tone shift metallic holographic. Shifts green, silver, gray."
Shown here as 2 coats topped with Marvel Top Coat.
There is so much going on with this beauty. Originally I thought that Taylor would be my favorite from this collection but as soon as I put this on it stole my heart! The green shift seems to glow, the holo is intense and the other colors in this just look so well together, so much depth. Try not to love this one! 
Unteraarglescher retails for $11.

Now for the LE Yeti Duo...

Yeti Crashes A Cranberry Festival: a warm cranberry creme.
Shown as 3 coats topped with Superchic Marvel Top Coat.
Cranberry Festival has a nice formula, you may be able to get away with just two coats of you use thicker layers. I tend to do thinner coats so I still had slight vnl and a little patchiness due to the length of my nails but a third coat took care of that. This shade is lovely for this time of year and this shade would look great on anyone since its not to bright but not vampy. 

Yeti Gets Sauced: a clear base with gold flakes, gold shimmer, yellow gold shimmer & gold micro shimmer.
Shown here as 1 coat over Yeti Crashes A Cranberry Festival topped with Marvel Top Coat.
This is densely packed with shimmer so you really only need 1 coat for good pay off but you could build it up to your liking. These two polishes compliment each other so well and make a perfect pair for the holidays. I know this beautiful topper would look great over any color so you can wear it all year long! 

The Yeti Duo is currently sold out but I think there may be a restock planned for November 22nd. The duo retails for $15. Both sets can be purchased online at Elevation polishes are all 3 Free.

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