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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Polish 'M: Winter/Christmas 2015 Collection Swatches

Hi guys! So today I have the amazingly beautiful Polish 'M Winter/Christmas Collection! I am rushing to get this post up for you between work and prepping for Thanksgiving because this collection will be launching on Friday! So lets take a look and see at what you may want to add to your Black Friday wish lists!

Boughs Of Holly: "A gorgeous dark green base with green/gold micro flakes, green micro glitter and silver holo micro shreds."
Shown as 2 coats topped with Superchic Lacquer's Marvel Top Coat.

This is the perfect holiday green, so deep and rich. The formula, as I expected it to be, was superb. Thick enough that it allowed excellent control so there was no flooding. The glitters give so much depth to this beauty. No issues at all to report.

Retails for $8.

Down The Chimney: "A bright red jelly with gold holo glitter, gold flakies and red micro glitter."
Shown as 2 coats topped with Marvel.

I'm a sucker for red polishes, I think a lot of gals are, this beauty is no exception.The sparkle is so amazing and with the right top coat it becomes a squishy dream! No issues to report.

Retails for $8.

Gingerbread Cookies: "A light grey'd taupe base with rainbow shimmer, micro brass & brown glitter and bronze/red/pink UCC mega flakies." 
Shown as 2 coats topped with Marvel.
If you have and love Warm Sugar Cookies from last year's collection you will definitely want to grab this yummy lacquer! The rainbow flash that happens under certain light and angles make this complex and unique. The flakies and shimmer spread across the nail evenly. No issues to report here either.  

Retails for $10

Home For The Holidays: "A clear base with a faint red shimmer, cherry red, lime green & gold galaxy holo glitter and green/gold/fuchsia UCC mega flakies.
Shown as 3 coats topped with Marvel.

This can be worn alone, like I have done here, or you could easily layer this over your favorite color of undies...I personally think it would look great over black. For being so glitter dense this finished extremely smooth so I didn't even bother using a glitter smoothing top coat. The sparkle is so intense, you are going to catch yourself staring at this in awe! Again, no issues to report. 

Retails for $10.

Naughty List √: "A white base with purple shimmer and purple and magenta micro glitter."
Shown as 2 coats topped with Marvel. 

(Re-released from Laquerlicious' 2013-slightly reformulated)
I was surprised at how opaque this was, usually white crelly polishes take a third coat to even them out but this was self leveling and not patchy at all. The purple and magenta glitters give the white base a lavender look but it really is white, I promise. The shimmer is subtle, it shows under certain lighting and angles but it doesn't overwhelm the beautiful glitters. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture it very well in my photos, so sorry. :( I wan to note that I'm not sure how much this differs from the original 2013 version since I don't own it. No issues once again. 

Retails for $8.

Mistletoe Kisses: "A light green base with green shimmer and red & green micro glitter."
Shown as 2 coats topped with Marvel.

(Also re-released from 2013-slightly reformulated.)
This was a surprise for me, I wasn't thinking I was going to like this color on me. Boy was I wrong! The shimmer is amazing in this and really puts this over the top. Perfect formula, self leveling, no dragging, pooling or flooding. No issues. 
Again I can not speak to how this varies from Laquerlicious' original formula since I do not own it. 

Retails for $8.

Santa Baby: "A super fun glitter topper with a mix of apple green, green, baby pink, magenta and white matte glitter." (Hearts,hexes, squares and star shaped glitters)
Shown as 1 coat over a shimmery nude base topped with Marvel.

If you're into fun glitter toppers like these, you are going to love this one! The glitters come out of the bottle pretty easy and spread across the nail evenly. They also lay nice and flush against the nail so it finishes smooth and even with only your regular top coat, no smoother needed. You may want to place your bottle upside down for about 5-10 minutes before use to ensure easy removal of the larger glitters. No issues.

Retails for $8.

Silent Night: "A deep blue base with navy micro flakies and silver holo glitter."
Shown as 2 coats topped with Marvel.

Another luscious jelly base with intense sparkle. I swear Michelle does these types of polishes so well. Perfect formula, no flooding, self-leveling and great control during application. Like the rest, there are no issue to report.  

Retails for $8.

Sleigh Ride: "A linear holo cornflower blue with pink and purple micro flakies, galaxy holo glitter and brand new prismatic holo micro flakies." 
Shown as 2 coats topped with Marvel.

Holy wow! There's so much going on with this baby. The holo isn't crazy intense, which is good because then it would overpower the glitters and flakies. This truly is like winter in a bottle, the ice cool blue, the sparkle from the holo and glitters remind me of fresh snow and twinkling lights. You will get the best pay off of the holo and sparkle all at once under direct sunlight, unfortunately I had none when I was swatching these. You can still see a slight hint of it if you look closely. No issues with this beauty.

Retails for$12.

Sugar Spun Plums: "A clear base with silver, lavender, purple, pink & magenta galaxy holo glitter and violet/fuchsia/gold UCC mega flakies."

This is the winter version of Autumn's Palette & Breezy Fall Days from the Fall 2015 collection.
Now the one everyone has been waiting for. Sugar Spun Plums has so much going on, it was almost impossible to capture all of the beauty. This can be worn alone like I have, or you could wear it over any other color you wish. I think the best pay off of all the elements works best when layered alone though, The sparkle and shift in the flakies work so well together. It finishes smooth so no smoothing top coat is required. Again no issues.

Retails for $12

Which are your must haves from this set, or do you need them all? Now I love each and every one of these if  I had to chose my top 5 these would be it...

My Top Picks
Boughs of Holly
Down the Chimney
Home for the Holiday
Mistletoe Kisses
Sugar Spun Plums

These will be available for purchase at 8am pst on Friday November 27th online at
So make sure to get your list ready! 

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