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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Superchic Lacquer: The Once Upon A Diamond Collection Swatches (Picture Heavy)

Hello again! This is my second Superchic Lacquer post for the day. If you missed my Ugly Sweater Party Trio post, click that link and check it out! 

This second post is a larger collection, and it's all textures! As you may know, I am a sucker for textured polishes! However, I also know that some of you don't really care for textures, so I have textured pictures and top coat pictures so everyone can enjoy these beauties! I would describe the texture of these as similar to Zoya's Magical PixieDust: slightly chunky, non abrasive and super sparkly! Each of these polishes contains a 1/2 carat of diamond crystals!

I have all shown here as 2 coats. The top coat pictures are shown with 1 coat of Glitter Food by Nail Pattern Boldness to smooth them out and then Superchic Marvel Top Coat to give it a glassy shine! All of them had the same formulas, nice and opaque and the glitters spread evenly across the nail. I do recommend that you place them all upside down for about 5-10 minutes prior to application so you can get a good mix of glitters, especially the larger ones, to come to the top for easier access. I will note however that the larger ones, like the triangles, are really only for an accent not to cover the nails.

 I can tell you that even though the textured photos don't look as sparkly as the top coat ones they really are. Also when using the top coat to smooth them out, make sure to allow enough dry time. It will take a bit longer with the extra layers and your nails can be a little thicker, though not too much to make it unwearable. Just be patient. Now let's take a look at these swatches...

Once Upon A Diamond Collection (Textured)

 Captured Teardrop: an icy blue jelly base with a mix of shiny and holographic.
(This first set of photos are all labeled as textured or top coat. All the rest will be in the same order but not labeled.) 

Natural textured finish.

Textured on left. Top coat on right.

Textured left. Top coat right.

Top Coat finish.
 Chronicles of the Dreamcatcher: a metallic gold base packed full of shiny and holographic silver and gold glitters.

Crown Jewels of Enchantment: a clear base with shiny and holo silver glitters.
This is the only topper of the collection, it can be layered over any of your favorite colors. I think it would even look great jelly sandwiched!

Embellishing Regina: a super opaque black jelly base packed with shiny and holo silver glitters and red glitters of various size.

Notions of Ariel: a rich teal jelly base with shiny and holo silver glitters and what appear to be blue/purple micro disco glitters.

Swan of Adorned Darkness: an opaque black jelly packed full of shiny and holo silver and gold glitters.

Wish Upon A Wisp: a dark blue (almost blurple) jelly base with shiny and holo silver glitters.

The Once Upon A Diamond Collection with Top Coat.
While I love each of these in their own way, these three were the ones that really stole my heart...

My Top Picks
Chronicles of the Dreamcatcher
Notions of Ariel
Swan of Adorned Darkness

Which ones are your favorites? Do you prefer these with or without the top coat? I love them both ways but textured is one of my favorite finishes so that wins for me! 

The Once Upon A Diamond collection will be available for purchase on Wednesday December 2nd at 4PM PST, online at and on, they will retail for $12 each. Again, these will be released with the Ugly Sweater Collection and if you missed it click here to see that post.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend loves! Make sure to swing by bright and early on Monday morning for a special Cyber Monday announcement! 

♥ Gini ♥

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