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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Superchic Lacquer: Project Runway Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys! I have a late night post for ya tonight. I just got these late Sunday and had to try and rush to get them swatched since they are launching tomorrow! I really wanted to show you how beautifully holo these are, but the sun just wasn't cooperating with me. Soooooo since it was cloudy and gloomy I had to use my trusty ol' Ottie! While I didn't manage to capture some of the holo-ie goodness, these photos really don't do justice to this collection. Trust me when I say they are super sparkly and rainbowy. Do you like how I just make up words? LOL

The Superchic Lacquer Project Runway Collection consists of 8 "SuperHolo" shades, basically a holo pigmented base packed full of holo micro glitters. I have all 8 swatched here as 1 coat, yes 1, topped with 1 coat of Superchic Marvel Top Coat. Jen has said that since these are "high saturation" colors, they can possibly cause some staining. I didn't have any problems, just make sure to use a good quality base coat to prevent any issues. The holo is very noticeable in all of these, both scattered and linear, it just depends on the light and angle to determine which you will see.  

The formula for these is on the thicker side, personally I prefer a thick formula. I find that with a thick formula you get better control, making application easier and requiring less clean up, if any at all. Just make sure to not over work the polish when applying or you will have some pulling since it very glitter dense. I did use only one thick coat for each of these but you could definitely use 2 thinner coats if you prefer. If you do, just be patient and allow the first coat to dry down completely first or you will have some clumping. Since these are very glitter dense they do dry down textured, but not at all abrasive. On a scale of 1-5 (1 = no texture, 5 = rough) I'd say these are about a 3/3.5. I only used 1 coat of top coat because 1) I was running low ( I actually used the last of my Marvel Top Coat on these swatches) and 2) I wanted to see how hungry these polishes were. At first I thought I could get away with 1 coat but they did eat my top coat just a bit so I will definitely do 2 next time I wear them.  
Let's get into the swatches now...

Boots On The Ground: "an intense muted military green holo"

Make It Work: "an intensely vibrant chartreuse holo" 

Material Girl: "an intensely vibrant raspberry holo"

On Point: "an intensely vibrant silver holo"

Own It: "an intensely vibrant sky blue holo"

She Wears The Pants: "an intense muted plum holo"

Skin Tight: "an intense muted golden rose quartz holo"

Take the Plunge: "an intense mermaid aquatic teal holo"

My Top Picks
Boots On The Ground
Make It Work
She Wears The Pants

Which are your favorites?

The Project Runway collection will be available for purchase TOMORROW, Wednesday June, 15.2016 4pm PST online at and on, they will retail for $11 each

Also launching tomorrow:

 Marvel Plush: a velveteen top coat.
Will retail for $7.50
A dual purpose matte satin finish and a leveling top coat. This is basically good for making any glossy finish polish a flat/velvet finish and it can also be used under a high shine top coat to smooth rough glitters. Jen even says that this dries in seconds! 
I was going to use this in my swatch fest of the Project Runway collection but I didn't want to effect the holo so I opted out of using it. I will be testing it fully and doing a post soon though. 

Holo-Pop: a holo intensifying rub. 
Will retail for $3.50
What this basically does is makes any holo or holo glitters even more intense by removing the excess color from the top of the holo pigment/glitter without removing the polish all together. 
*How to use it: apply a bit to a soft fabric or lint free paper towel and rub it on a fully dried holo/holographic glitter polish then top it with your favorite glossy top coat to get the fullest rainbow effect possible.
Again, I was going to use this in my swatches but after trying it on one nail I realized it does mute the color. Since I wanted to show you the polishes in their original, unadulterated state I decided against it. I will include my full review of this with my review of Marvel Plush.

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