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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 30: Inspired by a tutorial (Happy Birthday Joe Joe!)

Today isn't really a challenge day, it's actually tomorrow, nor is this mani actually inspired by a tutorial.The search of a certain tutorial was inspired by a little person. See, today is my nephews birthday. He is 5 years old today. I don't have any children of my own (and don't plan on any either!), I do have a stepdaughter, 2 nieces and my nephew. While I absolutely adore my stepdaughter and my nieces, my little man holds a very special place in my heart. The day that tiny little angel was born I knew what true love felt like for the first time. So even though he isn't mine I have a very special bond with him and he is the closest thing I will ever have when it comes to children. So this mani was inspired by the love of my life, my dear sweet nephew. 

Happy birthday Joe Joe!
 (Gizzle you better show him what I created for him! It took a lot of patience! LOL)
Now on with the nails! I knew since my nephew is crazy for Spiderman I had to create a Spiderman mani! So I took to the web (haha! No pun intended) and the first tutorial that came up was done by The Nailasaurus. I decided on that one since it seemed pretty simple. While it is simple, it does require a bit of patience since it is all free hand art, and I'm still not very skilled in that area yet.

Here's Spidey! 

Those who have seen Nailasaurus' Spiderman mani you already notice that I did use her tutorial but added my own twist to is as well to try and make it my own. If you would like to see the tutorial I got this from it is here.

Colors used:
SC Sugar Sugar and Blue By You
Essie No Place Like Chrome 

Like I said I have this done a day early but I had to do it today for the special day! I really hope little man likes it! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Joe!!!! those nails are wonderful! :)

  2. Awww! Precious little boy. Love your super spiders, Gini!

    Happy Birthday, Joe Joe!


  3. Awwww! Happy Birthday Joe!!!!

    OMG I love these! And so does Dex! Spiderman is his favorite. He adores anything Spiderman and has so much Spiderman stuff it's scary! We both think this rocks nads!!!!!

  4. Awesome!! I'm sure the little man will love these - what a great auntie!!

  5. Wow these look awesome!! I love all the detail

  6. omg he is so handsome! God Bless Him! and I love you mani girl!

  7. Awesome mani, awesome inspiration!

  8. Thanks ladies! My Joe Joe LOVED this mani to pieces!


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