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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wing Dust Collections *Review and Swatches* (Update -coupon code)

Good evening lacquered lovelies! I hope this post finds you all well and not too stressed out over tomorrows festivities. Today I would like to share with you all a collection by an Indie that some of you may or may not have already heard of, that comes from our lovely neighbors to the North, Wing Dust Collections. When I spoke to Stephanie about reviewing I was excited to try out anything she sent, when my package arrived I was floored! It was by far the prettiest package I've gotten to date. It was packed In a beautiful box that had her logo (see bottle shots) on the top...unfortunately it was halfway covered by postage stickers so I didn't take a picture...the packaging was obviously done with great care, you can tell she puts a lot of thought and love into her products just by the packaging alone!

I have tons of great pictures for 6 different beauties for you today. So keep on reading and you will see some stunning and unique polishes that any polish junkie will love!!

Total Pink Bomb: A nice vivid pink with small holo and very fine pink glitters.

Total Pink Bomb is opaque with 2 coats but I used 3 for an even brighter effect.

Application was a breeze! No pooling, flooding or dragging. I used 1 coat of SH Mega Shine, but it could have used a coat of glitter food to smooth it out since there are coarse micro fine glitters. It is still lovely with out  it though. There is so much more to this than the light box was able to capture. It's a very subtle yet stunning sparkle and vibrant pink, to make an excellent combination.
Here is a blurred pic to show the holo, since I was unable to capture the sparkle in my light box.

*After the Storm: A teal jelly with gold, teal, white and purple hexes in various sizes.

After the Storm is shown with 3 coats for full opaqueness and color depth, though 2 would work as well.

This came out of the bottle so smooth, no issues at all. All the glitters were easy to get out and on to the nail. I used one coat of SH MS for top coat. The color is amazing and much more blue than I thought it would be. The combo of the blue with the color of glitters Stephanie used is awesome, especially this is how I once described my "dream polish". Pure awesome in a bottle!
(Edit: Stephanie informed me that in addition to how awesome this beauty is, it is also a linear holo! I will have to reswatch it soon to show some outdoor shots!)

Plum Out of Ideas

Plum Out Of Ideas is a subtle brown with a hint of rose giving it a slight purple appearance. There are lots of micro fine holo and small gold holo hexes. 

The formula for this perfect for fall shade is the same as with Total Pink Bomb (They are part of the same collection) and application was just as easy. As with TPB, I used a coat of GF to smooth it out then a coat of MS. I really love how you're not quite sure what color this polish is once you apply it, is it brown, purple dusty rose? It really is a perfect fall color! Then the hint of glitter that shows through make this even more amazing!

*Autumn Fire: A multi chrome that is best suited over black, shifts 4 colors; Purple, pink, red-orange and a yellow-green.

I layered 1 coat of Autumn Fire over black and then applied 1 coat of MS. 

While the holo goodness of this was actually easy to capture in my light box the shift was next to impossible, even though it is very evident indoors.  So I took some out door shots to try and capture the different colors.



 The hardest color to capture on camera was the yellow-green so I tried some underwater pictures.This is my first time trying this, so please excuse my blurry pictures. While the quality isn't great it gives you the full effect of all of the colors together!

Application was easy, especially since it is just a top coat, the formula is perfect!

Shake Ya Tail Feathas: A green-blue base with green shimmer turquoise shreds, green, blue and gold in various sizes and a hint of brown micro glitters.

Shake Ya Tail Feathas is shown with 3 coats, while 2 would suffice I chose 3 to get a richer color.

At first glance I thought this was very similar to After the Storm but after application I no longer think that! This is a very complex polish. There are so many things going on yet it not too in your face! The shimmer has me hooked, I believe it's what really makes this "peacock" version stand out from all the rest that are out there! Application was amazing as well with this. No complaints at all!

*Neon Black: A charcoal light black/dark gray with lots of micro fine holo and hints of what appear to me to be purple/blue (blurple?) micro fine glitters. 

Neon Black shown with 2 coats and topped with 1 coat of GF and 1 coat of MS.

This is such a beauty! It kind of reminds me of O.P.I Baby It's Coal Outside in color and the fact that it does dry matte (which is gorgeous as well) but the hint of color in the micro glitters takes it to a whole other level! Again Application and formula are perfect, no issues to report.

Overall I am absolutely in love with every single polish in this post! If you haven't tried Wing Dust I really do recommend it! Stephanie has managed to capture the essence of what I picture butterfly wing dust to be...magical, feminine, delicate and sparkly! These are very unique compared to a lot of the Indie polishes out there in the sense that they aren't glitter bombs, yes they are glittery but not overwhelmingly so. I love glitter as much as the next girl but sometimes a change is good. This is the very reason why that statement is true!

If you would like to purchase these, or any other beautiful Wing Dust polishes, you can do so from Wing Dust's Etsy store here. 3 of these beauties are currently available right now, the 3 with * next to them are not listed as of yet but will be very soon. So make sure to Like Wing Dust on Facebook to get updates on restocks, here.
You can also find Wing Dust on InstaGram @wingdust

What do you think about these? Are there any you just LOVE and will you be purchasing any?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you I hope it's a safe one full of great food and company!

***Stephanie has given me an exclusive code for 15% off for all of my readers who are interested in purchasing some of her lovelies! Use the code Sassy15 at checkout! ***

(This product was sent for review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by Wing Dust Collections in any way)


  1. They are all gorgeous, but I think I love Total Pink Bomb and After the Storm best!! :D

  2. OMG I am in love!!!!!!!!!!!! Must have some!

    1. I know! I need to talk hubby into letting me order more of these!

  3. These are the most gorgeous polishes ever!! :O <3

  4. Stunning, Gini! Shake Your Tail Feathers has my name all over it. Come payday...I'm all over that pretty!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, honey!


    1. I LOVE SYTF! The shimmer in it make it so amazing! I can't wait to see your swatches!! I hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  5. Meh, they're!! I said oooooo at every photo as I scrolled down, you know I'm not a glitta whore like you, but these are pretty and of course they look amazing on you!! Must have been a bitch to swatch all of these beauties, ugh I need to get over my hate for taking off glitter, but its so deep!!! Lol

    1. You really do need to get over that!! You are missing out on sooooo much!!!

  6. These are gorgeous, it was the etsy pictures that bought me to your blog :)

    1. Welcome! I am so glad you found my little spot of obsession! =)

  7. Gini I keep stalking your blog now... you're awesome, just wanted to say!

    1. LOL! Thanks Stephanie! You're pretty awesome yourself!!!


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