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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nail Pattern Boldness "Silver" Flake aka Tin Man

Hello ladies and gents! Long time no post, right!? Sorry about the mini hiatus, things were just a little busy because of the holiday. I traveled to Indiana with my mom and my little brother and his family to visit my older brother and his family. It was the first time my brothers and I have all been together under one roof in almost 2 years! We had a lot of fun and we ate a LOT all weekend! Traditional American food for thanksgiving and then Mexican the rest of the weekend! YUM! I miss everyone already, but I was glad to come home since my hubby didn't get to come with us and this was our first holiday apart since we met. Plus I didn't get to play with my polish for 4 days!!! THE HORROR!!!! 

I believe I am making up for my polish withdrawal right now though! I have been a swatching fool!  I have several things to show you guys over the next couple of weeks, lots of Indies, some are pretty brand spankin new too! Today I thought I would ease back into posting with one of my absolute favorite Indies, Nail Pattern Boldness! Yes, I know I may need help; but Allison has me forever hooked!  Today I want to show you all her "Silver" Flake Top Coat aka Tin Man. The name varies depending on where you make your purchase: Etsy (directly from Allison) it's "Silver" Flake Top Coat. If you purchase from Llarowe it's Tin Man.

*"Silver" Flake is NOT real silver* 

All photos are 1 coat of "Silver" Flake over 2 coats Color Club Berry and Bright, topped with a generous coat of  NPB Glitter Food and 1 coat of SV

I didn't think more than 1 coat was necessary since it’s suppose to be sparse and not overwhelming. You do have to place the flakes just a little but not so much that is was a problem. The flakes came out easily, and I was pleased that there were big chunks and small/tiny bits as well all in one swipe!  "Silver" Flake leaves your nails quite textured so I recommend using a good thick top coat to smooth it out like I did. I always use Glitter Food, which is also available through NPB’s Etsy shop and on Llarowe as well. Since GF does dry matte I topped it with SV to add shine. 

This kind of top coat is huge right now, if you don’t know this you have probably been living under a rock or are new to the nail craze! There are several different gold flake top coats available, from OPI, Sephora, Zoya and Ninja Polish; who also offers a white gold version He Went to Jarred, which is a 12k white gold flake and selling for $15 a bottle and is probably the closest thing to NPB's  "Silver" Flake that I am aware of.  Allison has come up with this alternative for those of us who really don’t feel the need to spend $15+ for a bottle of real white gold flakes. No it’s not white gold or even silver but who can tell the difference, except for maybe your wallet?! Allison sells this beauty for $9 on her Etsy shop and it's also sold on Llarowe for $10. This is a stunning top coat and I think it's an excellent alternative to the more expensive versions! 

Nail Patter Boldness' Etsy can be found here and Llarrowe here. You can also follow NPB on Facebook here, where she always posts about anything new. You can also follow her blog here, where she asks for opinions on possible new creations from time to time and has additional restock info as well.

Now tell me, what are your thoughts on this alternative to the gold flake top coat, or on the gold/silver flake top coat craze all together? I hope you all are enjoying your week so far! So until next time, stay polished my lovelies!

(This product was purchased by m, all opinions are my own)


  1. Pretty!! Way better than the gold top coats, silver is way more my style. And really, you have to take the polish off anyways, I would rather have some gold I can hold onto!!

    1. This is exactly my thinking! I take my polish off waaay to often to throw gold in the trash! And I'm with you on the silver as well, I like gold but I prefer the silver.

  2. Very, very nice. I've been looking for a silver flake, as an alternative to my golds. Love it!!!!!!!

    So nice to have you back. I was going through Sassy withdrawal.


    1. Thanks love! It's great to be back! You should totally get this! She's doing a restock on Friday! :D

  3. Gorgeous!!! This really is beautiful and your swatches are amazing per usual! :D

    1. Well thanks hun! Nicole said you're doing a Christmas challenge, if I wasn't so busy I would have totally loved to have joined it!


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