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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness: Glitter Food

I have been meaning to do a review on top coats for a while now, but all the Indie's I've been reviewing lately has taken over a lot of my time since I got a big amount of them at once. But now I feel like I need to give you guys all the goods on this awesome product! 
Allison created this formula from scratch, it is her baby! So I hope I do justice to the versatility of it in my review. Glitter food is great for:
1. Smoothing out your glitter mani for a nice smooth finish.
2. Fixing polishes in your stash that have sinking/separating glitters.
3. It's great for playing around with frankening! 

Feed that hungry glitter!

Since I have gotten better at swatching and photographing the swatches I have been wanting to reswatch some of my earlier NPB pretties, so I decided to start with this review to do that! I decided on Mrs. White.

Mrs.White: a clear base with mostly white matte glitters and a hint of the rainbow all extra small in size.

Left: SH Mega Shine only                                                                Right: NPB Glitter Food only

Unfortunately I am not equipped to take high quality macro pictures so it is so hard for me to show you how much of a difference Glitter Food can make to your mani. It goes from a rough, gritty texture to a smooth as glass mani. I don't know about you but I can't stand to have texture on my fingers! I pick and pick until I have it all off! This saves me the aggravation of having to obsesses over that!
Here are the full mani pix complete with 1 coat of Glitter Food and 1 coat of Mega Shine.

Glitter Food dries to a matte finish and is not a fast drying top coat so for a glossy look a fast drying top coat over it is recommended. Also I want to say that I am no longer using SV, I had way too many issues with shrinkage and with bubbling as well, plus the smell is just atrocious! I know that a lot of you still love it though. You may notice if you use SV in combination with Glitter Food there may be some shrinkage. This can be resolved of course with a little bit of thinner in your SV. You will notice as well that Glitter Food is already kind of thick, if it wasn't it wouldn't work well as a glitter smoothing top coat, the glitter would just eat it all up like it does with regular top coats. Also it does tend to thicken up a bit after some use, this can also be fixed with some thinner.  

Fix a flat!

Next I will show you how Glitter Food can fix a flat glitter polish. I peeked in my stash and looked to see if I had any glitters that were sinking. The only one found, amazingly, was Orly Can't Be Tamed.

I have never used this polish, not even once! So you can imagine my disappointment when I see such a big gap in the bottle only to realize that gap is as a result of sinking glitters. Enter Glitter Food! 
If you find you have a glitter polish that just keeps going flat follow these steps!

1. DO NOT shake it up!
2. Get either an eye dropper or a small syringe.
3. Remove the excess polish (not the glitter) from the top of the bottle.
Try not to remove too much, no more than  1/4 of the bottle, a little GF can go a long way. 
4. Replace the amount you removed with Glitter Food.
5. Shake it up good.
6. Let it sit for a while and you will see that the glitters are not sinking! The sitting also helps rid the polish of any bubbles from all the shaking so you don't end up with bubbly fingers! ;)

Here is the new and improved Orly Can't Be Tamed! 

Frankening Fun!

A while back I received some pigments and since I have been toying around with Glitter Food the past several days  decided to try these pigments out! I've done a little research on frankening and know that even with pigments you still need a good suspension base, just not as thick as you would with glitter polishes. I happened to have an empty bottle and an extra bottle of just clear polish. I poured the clear polish into my empty bottle till it was about 3/4 of the way full. Then I added my pigment and shook! It looked very thin until I filled the bottle the rest of the way with Glitter Food. It really helped keep the polish from looking watery and kept the pigment suspended, keeping it from sinking! 

Please excuse the bubbling, that was due to my base coat. My glue was acting funny for some reason. :/

So are you amazed by the many uses of Glitter Food? One thing is for sure the main use of this, glitter smoothing top coat, is one thing that every glitter lover should have! 
All of Nail Pattern Boldness polishes are 3 Free and Cruelty Free, Glitter Food included! 
You can purchase Nail Pattern Boldness on Etsy here, as well as on Llarowe here.
It looks as if they are both currently out of stock on Glitter Food but if you follow Nail Pattern Boldness on Facebook here or on the blog here, Allison always gives restock info! 

(Some products were provided for review, others were purchased or created by me. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by Nail Pattern Boldness in any way.)


  1. Great post! I adore Glitter Food!

  2. I need some Glitter Food, especially for my Orlys! Great post as per usual, Gini! ;]

  3. Awesome post!! I will keep this in my back pocket for when you have successfully converted me to a glitter w#%^*!!!

  4. Definitely need some of this. And your franken is gorgeous!! Want!!

  5. Super post. Glitter Food rocks! And....I've also discovered the fabulous star that is SH Mega Shine. Woah!!!! That stuff is seriously fabulous. No shrinkage. Your photos ARE outstanding. Did you get a new camera, Gini? You're doing some SUPER photography.


  6. Glitter Food is absolutely THE best!! Love it so much!! Highly recommended!

  7. Thanks for the heads up on the FB page! I'm going to be ordering, that's for sure.


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