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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sassy Saturday Guest Post (The late edition): Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes

Hello loves, I was supposed to have this up yesterday, since it is the Sassy Saturday Guest Post! Buuuuuuut I am a little bit of a dummy and I goofed the scheduling up somehow and it never posted! I apologize to my lovely guest poster Dionne! I have been really off my game this past week and I think I lost my marbles! 

Today's post is brought to us from one of the sweetest gals I know! I have gotten to know some really awesome people through blogging and especially through the group I joined for challenges. Dionne has always been so sweet and I am so happy to have her guest posting on my blog today! I hope you enjoy what she has prepared for us today! ♥

Hi Y'all!!  I'm Dionne of Glittery Fingers & Sparkling Toes.  And I'm so thrilled to be doing one of Sassy Paints' Saturday Guest Post!!  It's such an honor!  And I can't begin to tell you how much I adore Gini!!  She's funny, smart, gorgeous and a super talented nail artist!  Not to mention her fabulous taste in friends!!  Ok, just kidding about the friends part, but the rest is true.

So now the pressure was on to create a worthy nail design.  I have to tell you, it was hard to choose what to do.  I finally went with my favorite technique, water marble, and created a Fall Water Marble:

I Used:
Orly- Flicker (a dark rusty orange shimmer)
Ulta- High Roller (a super shimmery light gold)
Born Pretty Holo Polish- No. 12 (a dark green linear holographic)

I used Orly Flicker as the base to the water marble, then used all three polishes in the marbling.

My inspiration for this was the Fall leaves, from the rusty oranges to the golden to the dark evergreens.  Well, that was my thought anyway.  I think it came out looking more like Thanksgiving, but I tried :)  I was also hoping the holo effect would show up more, but it's there.  But I'm still happy with how this turned out.  I hope y'all enjoyed it too!  Thanks again to Sassy Paints for this opportunity!  Love ya Gini!  And to everyone else, Happy Polishing!!

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