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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Laquerlicious: "Chills & Thrills" Polish For Pit Bulls HalloweenCollaboration with the EmPURRium

Hello again loves! I am really trying to play catch up with my posts here so it’s a double post day today! It’s funny,  I had nothing to swatch or review for a couple of weeks and then all at once *BAM* I got hit with a ton of review stuff! LOL 

This next polish is from one of my favorite indie brands, Laquerlicious. If you have followed Michelle, the creator of Laquerlicious, for any amount of time you know she has a soft spot in her heart for pups, especially Pit bulls. She has a line of lacquers called Polish for Pit Bulls, and today’s polish is Halloween themed! This is another collaboration, like the polish/key fob collaboration back at the begining of Spring, with Brittany from The EmPURRium. This set consists of a bottle of polish and a key fob as well. These will retail for $10 with $5 from each set sold being donated to Fresno Bully Rescue! 

Chills & Thrills: a clear base packed with a TON of glitters in various color, size and shapes! Some of the shapes are: skulls, stars, moons, dots and many more! 
Shown as 2 coats ( 1 dabbed and one regular) over Coloured Raine Fruitful & Multiply, topped with Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Flash.

This glitter bomb has so much going on, you could seriously wear this many times over and it will be like a new polish each time! There are so many different colors in this it will look great with any color undie you choose! The glitters came out fairly easy, you may have to fish just a bit for those cute little skull n crossbone glitters but you don’t need multiples or even one on each nail really; think "accent glitter". Plus if you place the polish upside down for about 5 minutes before applying, those harder to reach glitters will float to the top! The glitters adhere to the nail with application really well so I applied one coat like normal and then did a dabbed/placement coat to get the larger glitters in just the right spot. Since this is a glitter bomb it will dry textured, so a good thick top coat, like NPB Digital Flash, or even a glitter smoothing top coat under your high shine stop coat, like NPB Glitter Food, will be required to get that nice smooth finish.

This polish & key fob set will be available for purchase online at on Saturday September 26th at 2pm PST. Once again, the set will retail for $10 and $5 of each set sold will be donated to Fresno Bully Rescue! So make sure to set your alarms, it's for a good cause and look how cute they are together! 
BTW! I was browsing Fresno Bully Rescue's website and oh how I wish I lived in Cali! There is the sweetest looking American Bulldog just waiting to be adopted and she was calling my name! Now I'm going to go cry because I'm too far away! :'(

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