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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Renaissance Cosmetics: New Releases for August 2014

Hello all! Today I have 6 new polishes from Renaissance Cosmetics to show you. There are 3 shimmers and 3 micro glitters and all are beautiful, which is not a surprise coming from Renaissance!

I want to say right now that Meghan is the shimmer goddess of the Indie polish world! All of her shimmer polishes have been absolutely amazing and these are no exception. The formulas are all perfect, applying smooth as silk and thick enough to give great control so there is no flooding and minimal clean up is required. They are opaque and the shimmer is perfect, not overwhelming but very apparent. All three of the shimmers are shown here as 2 coats topped with Superchic Lacquer Marvel Top Coat.

Kensington: a warm-toned purple with a copper shimmer.

Portland: a muted chartreuse green with a rose-gold and aqua shimmer.

Three Sisters: described it as a crimson or cherry red.

Micro Glitters
These have excellent formulas. There is no clumping or pulling with each layer. Most Micro glitters tend to be finicky and can get all gloppy and create a huge mess when applying if you don't let each layer dry thoroughly before applying the next coat. These aren't like that at all. Application is so easy. These can all be worn over your choice of undies or  alone with about 3 coats.
All three are shown here as 3 coats topped with Superchic Marvel.

Hera: a mix of garnet, red, burgundy, and fuchsia micro glitters in metallic and holo finishes.

Phoebe: a mix of pink, purple, iridescent, gold and silver micro glitter in holo and metallic finishes with lavender shimmer.

Wanderlust: a blue, emerald green, turquoise, gold and silver micro glitter in holo and metallic finishes. 

My favorite from the shimmers is hands down Kensington! I could easily wear that baby every single day for the rest of my life! Yes It's that pretty! My favorite form the micros? That is harder to pick...probably Phoebe, I'm kind of in love with that gorgeous orchid shade. Though I must admit each of these polishes is a winner! 

You can purchase Renaissance lacquers online at, these retail for $9.50 per full size bottle. Again, don't forget the code sassypaints15 to get 15% off your purchase! This code is good until September 26th. This coupon can not be combined with other coupons and can only be used once per purchase! 

So what are your thoughts on these beauties? Which ones are going on your must have list? 

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