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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Iron Man? Is that you??

LOL. Ok, so it's not really Iron Man but wih the color combo on this mani
it really reminds me of the super hero.

For this look i used the following:
1 coat Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #485 Golden-I.
I sponge applied Pure Ice Iced Merlot.
and with just a tad of the Golden-I to blend it all, two times.
Then, of course, toped it off with a coat of SV.

When i first attempted to do gradient sponging it was not successful.
 There are a few things that most tutorials usually leave out.

1. Make sure your sponge is damp *not dripping wet - not dry* DAMP.
I dip my sponge in room temperature water and ring it out to get it the right dampness.

2. The thinnest and lightest color should go on as your base color.
Some of the tutorials out there make it look easy just put it on the sponge and push it on to your nail.
NOT! You need to have a base color for the other colors to stick to and blend with. I've noticed the thicker the polish the better. Just because the color is dark does not mean it will work well.

3. Don't just set your sponge on your nail. Dab it two or three times.
This helps transfer the colors and blend them. Do not dab it to much or you will lift the color!
Two or three times is plenty. Move on  to the rest of your nails and if you want the color to be darker/brighter do it again after it has had time to dry.

4. Make sure you change your sponge often enough or you will end up with pieces of clumped polish or sponge on your nice mani.

5. Don't worry if it looks rough or like it hasn't blended enough, once you put your
 top coat on it will smooth out. This is also a great time to use that top coat that 
smudges and drags all your nail art, it will really help blend it even more.

I just love these 2 colors togehter! So much shimmer!
 I hope my rundown helped anyone who has been having trouble getting this technique to work

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