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Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Matte Me Crazy"

A few months back i decided i had to jump on the Matte band waggon. I went nuts looking for a matte top coat, I even had my husband looking for me! Everywhere we looked we failed miserably. Then all of a sudden we found it at the Target, the same one that i checked about 15 times previously. Alas, there it was, at the bottom shelf of the NYC display. I hadn't read any reviews on this brand so i wasn't sure but I decided to get it anyway. It was $1.98 so why not?
I'd heard that some brands of matte top coat can still leave a major shine or alter the original color. Since this was a cheaper brand i guess i automatically assumed it would be an inferior matte. So after i searched for months then finally found this, I somehow managed to forget about it once i got it home.
The other day i was trying to come up with a new look for my fingers and i decided to break it on out. I settled on doing black nails with a hot pink accent nail with a black heart.
I used Sinful Colors in "Black On Black" which is an extremely glossy polish and
 Spoiled by Wet n Wild in "Uh As If" which is a more subdued shine. Once the matte top coat was applied i was pleasantly surprised. Even though the two colors started off with two different kinds of shine, this top coat brought them down to the very same flatness with just one coat. 
I was quite happy with the results.
For a $2 bottle of polish this was well worth the risk, and I'm all about the bargain polish!
Ta Ta For Now!

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