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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jindie Nails: I'm A Star Dot Com, Princess Bubblegum & Rave

Jen from Jindie Nails just announced that she will be restocking next week. As most of you already know the Jindie restocks could be a bit challenging and I know some have all but given up on getting your hands on some of Jen's creations. Well there will be some changes! Here is what Jen had to say about her future restocks:

"After a little advice from a *VERY* successful indie that has been doing this WAY longer than I...I have decided that the way I will be doing restocks will go something like this:
The next restock will be sometime next week between Monday-April 15 through Friday-April 20th. I will not be announcing the exact day or time for the restock. However, I will announce just after the restock takes place. I haven't decided if I'll announce just before or not and I'll "play it by ear." I will restock the website spaced a few hours apart, two times per day and I'll be splitting up inventory between the two restocks so that everyone will have the chance at what they wanted. I plan to keep my website open all the times and you'll be able to see all polishes there, even when they sell out. I'll be restocking the sold out polishes about 6-8 polishes at a time. I'll restock those sold out polishes about 2-3 times per month, a few at a time. This is how the upcoming restock will be and all future restocks if this goes well. I think everyone will like this much better!
A list of everything included in the restocks will be listed on the website blog tab before the restock. The Google doc will always have all shades available as well, along with blogger review links for each color."

I have been holding on to this review for a while, I wanted to have some more restock info for you all before I posted it. So in light of Jen's recent announcement, here it finally is! 

I'm A Star Dot Com...
...white crelly with extra large black dots, magenta large and medium dots, plus holographic silver hex and stars, gunmetal hex plus tiny black stars.
All photos of I'm A Star Dot Com are shown as 3 coats topped with 1 coat of Glitter Food and 1 coat of SV.

First I want to note that the bubbling you see here is due to the fact that I ran out of my Mega Shine and it was late so I was not going out to pick any up. So the  SV is what caused the bubbling. Application was fairly easy, no fishing was required for what you see here. Though if you want more silver stars or large dots you may need to fish a bit for those. I did dab/place the glitters in some spots because I wanted to make sure they were spread out on the nail not just clumped up since you get so many on the brush. Make sure each layer is sufficiently dry, 2 minutes or so is enough, before applying the next or you will have dragging glitters. This does dry textured so I used Glitter Food to smooth it out before applying the SV. 

Princess Bubblegum...
...a pale lavender with neon pink, neon purple and neon blue fine and ultra fine glitters with iridescent glitters added.
All photos of Princess Bubblegum are shown as 3 coats topped with NYC Matte Me Crazy.

Princess Bubblegum didn't want to photograph nicely in my light box, so I had to step outside and snap some photos. This is unfortunate sine it has been gloomy here and since there is no sun I was unable to capture the shimmer and the iridescent glitters properly. This applied like a dream, smooth and even, sheer on the first 2 coats but opaque in 3. It is just a tad textured but was smoothed with my top coat. 

...white crelly based polish that has the rare large magenta dots, medium magenta dots, neon yellow, neon blue and neon green medium hex. This one also has bright blue metallic and magenta smaller glitters.
All photos of Rave are shown as 3 coats topped with Mega Shine.

Rave! I love love love Rave! The mix of colors are so awesome in this one! Application was easy, the glitters came out without any effort. As with I'm A Star Dot Com, you will want to make sure to let each layer dry well before applying the next to prevent dragging. The glitters lay fairly flat against the nail so I didn't feel the need to use a smoothing top coat like Glitter Food, it was still a little bumpy but nothing too bothersome. 
In regards to the mini bottles that Jen is now using, I have had some people ask if I have any trouble with them. I find that if I tilt the bottle the brush gets more polish/glitter on it. If you still find that you are having issues with the glitters, like the larger one that are usually difficult to retrieve, just flip the bottle upside down for a few minutes to help those big ones float to the top. 

Jindie Nails can be purchased on Etsy here. You will  be able to purchase from the new website,, it isn't up and running just yet but it soon will be.  
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♥ Gini ♥


  1. These are all super pretty. I'm a Star Dot Com is my favorite.

  2. Ooooooooh! I'm a Star Dot Com fan, too. Yowzah, these are pretty.

    I can certainly understand why everyone is so ga-ga over this line. This gal has an excellent sense of balance and perspective. It's a whole lot more than a ton of glitter in a polish, which is what we mostly get from the mainstream makers.

    Truly wish the buying paradigm were different, though. Can't stand the mad electronic dash to the shopping cart, only to discover (seconds later) that all has been sold out. This new idea sounds like an improvement over the status quo, though.

    Beauteous job, darlin'!

  3. I'm with you - Rave is my favorite.


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