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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lost My Marbles...Giveaway info

I was at the mall a few days ago with my hubby and my stepdaughter. They went to Justice, there is something about that store that just gives me a headache so I sat on a bench and waited for them. When they came out they handed me a bottle of polish, a self marbling polish in red, white and blue.
I have been wondering for a while if they actually looked marbled once applied so I was thrilled they got it for me! I finally got around to testing it out tonight. I am now less than thrilled at the results.

Please excuse the poor picture quality, the sun had already set and my house had no bright light so flash, flash, flash it was!

As you can see it doesn't really look marbled.

It's more of a streak effect.

On the plus side, if I shake the bottle up it will make a very nice purple color!

And now i would like to tell everyone about a giveaway a fellow blogger is having.
It's from Glitter Obsession, and it;s for 5 brand new China Glaze OMG polishes.
Click the link to go to the giveaway!
Good luck!

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