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Friday, July 27, 2012

Drug Store Haul Pt 2

Yes, another haul. This time I got 30 bottles!
Again I have to thank God for a very sweet and understanding husband.
He saw my haul and said "More? I'm sure glad I didn't go and get those like I had planned."
Isn't that sweet? He had my "stash" list and was going to go buy all of the colors I didn't have! My sweet, sweet enabler! LOL

Anyway, here is what I got in today's haul...

From left to right...

Rich In Heart, Georgio, Nirvana, Vacation Time
Dancing Nails, All About You, This Is It, Pull Over...

Cloud 9, Clementine, Citrine, Boogie Nights
Gogo Girl, Cross My Heart, Energetic Red...

Forget Now, Easy Going,
You Just Wait, Cream Pink, Dressed To Kill..

Let Me Go, Outrages, Dream On
Fig, Let's Talk, Rain Storm...

Envy, Happy Ending, HD Nails, Innocent.

Well hopefully this will hold me over for a while.
My husband has nicknamed me the Polish Monster. LOL

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