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Monday, July 9, 2012

All That Glitters

I was at Target with my step-daughter recently and of course we went to the cosmetics section!
I decided to let her pick the colors for my next mani.
She picked out 2 colors by Sally Hansen.
They were from the Smooth and Perfect Color Care series.
She picked the colors Sea and Sorbet

I added the gold to make it pop, plus I wanted to use my gold Hello Kitty sequin!
I love my Hello Kitty! I got a bunch of them in a pack of studs, gems and sequins that came free
with the dotting tools I ordered from Amazon.

These colors are very pretty but VERY thin and pale!
I had to use a coat of white on top of my base coat.
I still had to use 3 coats of either color to get them to even show their color.

My little one loved it, so overall it turned out OK.

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