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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Love, Angeline "I Love The 80's" Collection

Hello loves, happy hump-day! I am so thrown off this week, I am like 2 days behind everything. I had my nephew on Monday and as a result I was thinking it was Saturday since I usually only keep the kids on the weekends. So my brain isn't wanting to adjust! Oh well, I'm trying though!
Today I am reviewing the Love, Angeline I Love The 80's collection, which consists of 5 glitter toppers. I'm just going to jump right into it...

Hammer Time...
...white and silver hexes and black diamond glitters in a clear base.
All photos of Hammer Time are shown as 1 coat over Love, Angeline Strawberry Daiquiri topped with SH Mega Shine.

This one one of the easier of the group to apply, the glitters come out easily and once they are on the nail they stay. The glitters lay pretty flat making a glitter smoothing top coat unnecessary.

Members Only...
...large back dots, small pink dots and white squares in a clear base.
All photos of Members Only is shown as 2 coats over Sinful Colors Cupid's Arrow topped with SH Mega Shine. 

Member's Only was extremely difficult to work with. This is shown as 2 coats applied with the brush. There are so many glitters packed in to the bottle and the round ones seem to kind of stick together that you may be better off getting the glitters out and placing them on the nail with a dotting tool or a toothpick. As you can see the base color is very bubbled, this was due to the fact that the glitters just didn't want to come off the brush once I got them on there. They wanted to keep moving so I had to constantly dab and push the glitters back in place causing the bubbling.

WHAM!... and pink  hexes and neon green squares.
All photos of WHAM! are shown as 2 coats over Love, Angeline Let's Take A Dip topped with SH Mega Shine.

I again had a little bit of trouble getting the glitters to stay in place during application, so there was some slight bubbling here as well. Otherwise there weren't any issues to be had with WHAM! I think this would look excellent over a light pink, but it would look good paired with almost anything really.

Totally Rad!..., pink and blue squares and yellow hexes in a clear base.
All photos of Totally Rad! are shown as 2 coats over Sinful Colors Snow Me White topped with SH Mega Shine.

I'm not sure if it's the neon glitters or what, but I again had an issue with getting them to stay in place. They just wanted to keep going with the brush, never really grabbing on to the nail. I also wish more glitters would come out in one dip, but that is a neon glitter thing. They are just harder to get out of the bottle for some reason, so be patient when applying them.

The Shorter the Better...
...teal dots and matte gray and yellow hexes in a clear base.
All photos of The Shorter the Better are shown as 1 coat over Love, Angeline The Grass is Greener topped with SH Mega Shine.

There are no issues to report with The Shorter the Better, it is also one of the easier to apply of the group. The glitters came out of the bottle easily and once being applied to the nail they stay in place and lay flush against the nail.

Love, Angeline's I Love The 80's collection can be purchased on Big Cartel. Everything is on sale for 50% off right now...$4 for full size bottles! So hurry and get while you can! 
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